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dr emulator (madmax)

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  • well youd need to know some hex possibley so for that youd need winhex or IDA pro both of witch should be as freely availible as your emu's you might also want to look into borland C++
    That chassis and PSU combo will be just fine. I would highly recomend both. I have the 800D and I just love it, replaced a Lian Li with it!

    Looks like a fine build all around, just be sure to get a good cooler if you are air cooling...suggestion....megahalems/shadow(black nickle version)
    so you have a thread with all your parts going in already in action....can I have a link to be more informed as I look for a better solution or two? I will try to give you a few, as I know selection from country to country isnt always the same;)
    sorry to say, but its just a taller 900, alot of sites didnt review it for just that, its been done and seen for the most part. Not a bad case, but still can be a nightmare to wire.

    Give me a budget if you want and I can try and find you a more suitable case or two, unless you are dead set on the 1200.
    FFXII works amazingly...im trying to figure out how to get ps2 games though iv used the internet alot this month know what i mean ;) and i dont want to get tagged (again) so im trying to ripe my own library of games though i dont think im doing it right the iso's wont read...and reading it off of the disk is a fail.
    I am one already, feel free to bring up any problems you have with me or any other moderator.
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