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    Cryptocoin Value and Market Trend Discussion

    Price hasn't changed too much. But BTC difficulty has changed. https://btc.com/stats/diff The higher the difficulty, the more electricity (and miners) it takes to make a BTC. EDIT: looks like December 5th was the last difficulty change, downards. So its cheaper to make BTC now. Interesting...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    Well, I guess the devil is in the details. But the details are a 41 page + 16 page legal document (two different docs). Of course a 280 character tweet is gonna be somewhat of an estimate of it, lol. But I think the overall "BlockFi owes FTX money because Almeda Research owes it money because...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    I think this part was unusual, but not fraud. The fraud part is... https://pacer-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/109/1094078/118164201903.pdf The Emergent / Robinhood portion. I guess I didn't include that document earlier. But "Emergent" is SBF's company that holds all of the Robinhood. So this...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    This establishes that: 1. In #4, BlockFi began to have liquidity issues. So they borrowed money from FTX. 2. In #6, BlockFi also was pointing out that FTX / Almeda Research was ALSO borrowing from BlockFi. Its definitely an orobouros (Snake eating its own tail) structure. There's a bunch of...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    Its a really good summary of the BlockFi bankruptcy filing, actually. (As I stated in an earlier post: its main error is... missing a few steps that make it even more ridiculous. There's only so much they could fit into 280 characters after all)...
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    AWS Updates Custom CPU Offerings with Graviton3E for HPC Workloads

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were less popular, but still made more money for Amazon. ARM licenses are relatively cheap, and computers are cheap in general.
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    Samsung Develops GDDR6W Memory Standard: Double the Bandwidth and Density of GDDR6 Through Packaging Innovations

    What the hell is this "metaverse" crap being added to the start of the Samsung Press release? I recognize you're just copy/pasting from Samsung, but... wtf is going on here? Did Facebook / Meta / Mark Zuckerberg just pay a ton of ad money to Samsung (and Fidelity for that matter...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    Somewhat. BlockFi asked for more money to be lent to BlockFi on November 7th, while this whole FTX disaster was unfolding. So its... actually missing a few interesting steps. But yeah, what has happened here is incredibly ridiculous. And it might get even more ridiculous the more-and-more...
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    EK Launches Intel Arc A750 and A770 Full-coverage Water Blocks

    Hmm, maybe in a small form factor build of some kind? I know those are a lot more restrictive with regards to thermal management. Either that, or some kind of 2x or 4x GPU compute build, because A770 has wtf 16GB of VRAM, probably the cheapest VRAM-per-dollar you can get. That has to be useful...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    BlockFi formally files for bankruptcy.
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    Uh huh... you know that ETrade, TDAmeritrace/Schwab, Fidelity, and Vanguard are $0 per trade now and almost solely make money off of cash holdings / interest now, right? Do... you want to guess where things went wrong with FTT? That cliff in early November is what caused this whole collapse...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    Okay, so fractional reserve banking? How would that work without a central bank? And as far as I can tell, there would never be a "central bank of cryptocurrencies". Ratio of "what" to "what" needs to be in reserves? Lets say customers deposit 100 BTC into some ... security, or bank, or entity...
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    General Cryptocoin Discussion

    What do people mean by "Cryptocoin regulation" though? Its so vague. There's a billion regulations out there, and the bulk of them are banking regulations. Are you going to require FDIC insurance on USD-based stablecoins? That sounds stupid. What bout SEC disclosure regulations upon publicly...
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    TSMC 3 nm Wafer Pricing to Reach $20,000; Next-Gen CPUs/GPUs to be More Expensive

    Nah, just the "PC Master Race" culture will collapse, which is probably a good thing. PCs are tools. DIY PCs are other tools, be it a NAS, a server, a rendering box, or what have you. Lawnmowers aren't really improving that much, but there are plenty of DIY lawncare people around the USA. If...