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    Your PC ATM

    @mailman - Yeah, i realize that now but i often use their cheaper boards for builds that i do for friends etc and they have all been a breeze to setup with no problems whatsoever. Definitely going to avoid there higher end boards now though...... @fiti - Ty. Edit: Good job on that clean...
  2. DrOctopus

    Your PC ATM

    Mock Up - This pc is obviously not finished. I just wanted to see how things looked/check everything fits etc.. I'm having some serious bad luck with this thing, currently in the process of RMA'n the motherboard (for the second time) and the vertex ssd...
  3. DrOctopus

    Need mITX help

    What about: i3 530 - 114 ECS H55H-I - 78 2GB DDR3 1600 cl8 - 60-65 IN WIN BP655.200BL Black + 200W Power Supply - 45 640GB WD Blue - 50-60 Generic DVD Multi drive - 20 Prices from the egg. It'd be around 400 total. Too much? You could probably save some money going 775 and getting a...
  4. DrOctopus

    OCZ Vertex - help needed

    Thanks for the reply. I've actually RMA'd my board as it stopped posting. I double checked this at the shop that i bought the board from and they sent it off. I'll definitely try the method you mentioned when it gets back. I pretty much did that, except i didn't even plug the HDD's in and i...
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    OCZ Vertex - help needed

    Np man, I'm no grammar nazi. I just tried using one of the sata 6gbps slots to see if it worked; it didn't. Now my wd black isn't registered by the bios either!! But it still boots? Then i checked the boot order thing, and it has the prefix [IDE] before it. what the hell?
  6. DrOctopus

    OCZ Vertex - help needed

    Yeah, that's what i was thinking, given its a relatively newly released board.....I'm actually wondering whether it could be the sata controller acting up as i had a 'no bootable devices' error the other day, rebooted and everything was fine. Probably should have mentioned that earlier...
  7. DrOctopus

    OCZ Vertex - help needed

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, i have checked the cables at least 4 times. Do you think a bios flash might help?
  8. DrOctopus

    OCZ Vertex - help needed

    Hey guys, i cant see my Vertex in bios. I tried different changing different sata ports, swapping power cables and google'd issues related to the vertex series for some potential fixes, still nothing. This is my first SSD - I'm hoping that I've made some noob mistake but it seems to me...
  9. DrOctopus

    Performance meets Design

    Awesome. I particularly like that mesh cover for the IO port; so clean!! Amazing work man.
  10. DrOctopus

    [Case Gallery] Antec 900 Red N Black

    I voted 8/10 because: nice build, i don't generally care for red, but its pretty clean, grats.
  11. DrOctopus

    Water cooling an Antec 300

    Interesting mod, ive never seen anything like this done to the a300. good job!
  12. DrOctopus

    Best Full Tower Case Period

    imho 1. PC-V2110 2. PC-X500 3. PC-A20 The TJ07 and 800D are great cases, there's no denying that, but for me its become like that one song that you really really like, so you end up listening to it over and over until it just gets....boring. jmo
  13. DrOctopus

    10,000 word Fermi Parody

    agreed. its kind of ridiculous. *Edit* its 4,600 words lol my bad
  14. DrOctopus

    10,000 word Fermi Parody

    Someone with far too much time and anger towards the belated release of Fermi has written a 10,000 word parody of Nvidia's various fermi-related endeavors. Its mildly amusing at some points, but generally grotesque, regardless i felt an obligation to post this here due the sheer amount of...
  15. DrOctopus

    5850/i7 860/SG06 water

    yeah, i saw that mod earlier today, thanks tho. Im likely going to have to do that to the SG06 to get the 5850 in there considering the 6pin power placement. Idk i reckon itd just look so badass to have a 5850 w/ a Ek-fc nickel with some blue coolant and a clean window mod like this...