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    HELP i failed bios modding my GPU

    Did you try to plug the monitor cable to the motherboard, maybe it will detect it like that.
  2. droopyRO

    Zotac 980Ti Amp Omega - thermal pad suggestion

    Something like that happened to my RTX 2080 about a year ago. The fans would spin up to 100% for a few seconds then settle. I RMA the card since i tried both BIOS'es, tried the card on two different PCs and MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision would not control the fans RPM if set to manual or...
  3. droopyRO

    is ASUS P8H61/USB3 R2.0 work with gtx 1650 super gpu ?

    It should work. Tell us what CPU, RAM and power supply do you have.
  4. droopyRO

    NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers

    High end it might be. But lower end aka GT 1030 for MOBA, CSGO, Overwatch etc. and with rich people buying GTX 1050 Ti. 1080p will became the new 4K and 720p then new 1080p. Oh and GPU will be passed from father to son or mother to daughter and even written in ones will along with the house...
  5. droopyRO

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Anti-Mining Feature Goes Beyond Driver Version, Could Expand to More SKUs

    As i understand it, it applies to 3060 only since those are unreleased. 3070 is already out so the only thing miners would need to do is no update their drivers and/or firmware. But i'm 99% sure that they will find a way around it with 3060 too. I only hope that it takes a few months so that i...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Anti-Mining Feature Goes Beyond Driver Version, Could Expand to More SKUs

    A good move, now miners will buy twice as many cards :D And it has AMD in a bad spot in the eyes of gamers and other non-miner people.
  7. droopyRO

    Zotac Nvidia 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Edition concerns

    You should use MSI Afterburner + RTSS, it allows you to see the temp, power draw, voltage, frequency, GPU load etc. while you game with an overlay.
  8. droopyRO

    Below target temps with Aorus Engine 'auto overclocking,' am I doing it wrong?

    I would undervolt that puppy. If you brick that card i highly doubt that the manufacturer will get you a new one.
  9. droopyRO

    Gtx 970 evga SC unknown mosfet

    You probably need a donor board and a higher quality picture.
  10. droopyRO

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Arrives May 14

    Or a dress, do not assume their/them gender !11!!
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    Chinese Ethereum miners are now widely using RTX 3000 laptops

    Meanwhile we will get new taxes to "stop" CO2 emissions. Where is Greta when you need her ?
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    Cod Warzone running low FPS on High end PC

    Do you have vsync or any other frame limiter on ? did you try lowering the graphical settings or see if there is some sort of resolution scaling active.
  13. droopyRO

    TWWH 3 Launches

    It is an announcement trailer. But with Kathay, Kislev and papa Nurgle, yes we are excited :)
  14. droopyRO

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Arrives May 14

    "Only 9.99$ for owners of the Mass Effect Trilogy" /s
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    Until this madness with inflated prices and little availabilty of computer parts, especially GPUs i will not touch any kind of overclocking. Stock settings and undevolt for me :) So far F33a is stable for me at stock with undervolt.