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    Apple Says Cloud Gaming Services Like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud Violate App Store Guidelines

    So basically Apple is saying : "we want to control your service." this low-key censoring, Apple doesn't validate the shit that people are looking at on YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc.…and those guys are having a hard time to curate all the bullshit happening on their platform. Meanwhile game...
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    Fractal Design and ASRock Collaborate on Phantom Gaming PC Chassis

    In the tech world, "collaboration" means "stickers"
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    Intel Overhauls its Corporate Identity, Registers New Product Logos, "EVO Powered by Core" Surfaces

    In Intel case, a new visual Identity can symbolize a "break" from the statut quo that where plaguing them. It's all about brand perception. Weither or not their new product will support that change is something that we'll see in a few months. It's a bit nostalgic, the new font is similar to the...
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    NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPU Gets Benchmark and Takes the Crown of the Fastest GPU in the World

    For the people who aren't buying those gpus just for gaming it is.
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    In Wake of Intel's 7nm Woes, AMD's Price per Stock Vaults Over the Blue Giant

    Rendering doesn't just happens for the final output, when you work on a project having to do several preview renders is not uncommon, it's an immediate problem. But yes, outside of tech forums Intel still get to benefits from their stronger brand image as being the premium product.
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    EVGA Introduces Precision for Game Bar BETA

    To be fair I don't think that anyone is actually going to keep that HUD eveytime. The reason as to why that exist is that with after afterburner or the classic evga precision, in game monitoring need to be manually configured in another app and you need to alt tab everytime that would want to...
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    EVGA Introduces Precision for Game Bar BETA

    For the younger and more "casual" generation of gamer it might be. I never used OBS to handle my game footage because the gamebar is enough for me, I appreciate how spontaneous it is, I don't have to manually launch OBS everytime that I feel like recording something, or alt tabbing to manage...
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    NVIDIA Prepares to Stop Production of Popular RTX 20-series SKUs, Raise Prices

    Yhea, but it's not like AMD is doing that on purpose. It's better than when they talk big (poor volta) and launch a product that is nothing like it was marketed. If RDNA cannot scale on the same magnitude as Turing it's better to just own it rather than trying to make that tech do something...
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    NVIDIA Prepares to Stop Production of Popular RTX 20-series SKUs, Raise Prices

    I feel like you are not talking the same language as the people that you are arguing with. When you are looking at who get the absolute technological lead , all they care about is how much fps they get for a said amount of money. If AMD 7 nm mid range manage to compete with Nvidia 10 nm mid...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT

    I don't think that he was mocking you, but rather talking about the general atmosphere of tech lately, where intel bashing became a sport.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT

    For that price just get a 3900x, 30$ to get an actual improvement over a 3700x... It's reminding me a bit of what happened with the 5Ghz FX, huge price not taking into account the actual performance compared to the market, only the fact that they have a huge clock.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT

    Oh, wow, for the price that's not a very interesting product... the benefits are not noticeable in most cases...
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    Logitech Empowers Your Mac with MX Master 3 and MX Keys Series for Mac

    It's just a reskin. The classic MX keys got hybrid marking on the keys for mac and pc. The mac MX master 3 is just using a different color scheme.
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    Intel Core i7-1165G7 "Tiger Lake" Mauls Ryzen 7 4700U "Renoir" in Most Geekbench Tests

    It's not even the comparison against low power Zen 2 that's surprising, but the fact that those low powered chips are also just as good as intel desktop cpu, while being far more efficient. If those results are accurate, it's a tremendous improvement, and if they can make 8 core cpu based on...
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    Intel Core i7-1165G7 "Tiger Lake" Mauls Ryzen 7 4700U "Renoir" in Most Geekbench Tests

    Leaks also showed the i7 1165G7 cpu getting beat by the 4700u in 3D Mark, so I don't know who I'm supposed to trust : On the otherside, if this is true, then that means that this U low power chip is basically as fast as a desktop gaming pc running intel 9th gen :