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    Xerox Corporation Tries To Acquire HP Inc.

    I have around 600 or so EliteBooks, from 8470p to 840 G6, with some 1030 series mixed in. I truly haven't seen any real issues with them, except, I think batteries tend to die around 3-4 years for the G1/G2. Desktops are also unkillable, old stuff like 8200s still running good with SSD's. All...
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    Xerox Corporation Tries To Acquire HP Inc.

    Actually I mean stuff like EliteBook's and ZBook's versus Pavilions. But yeah, love me some Gen10 servers...
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    Xerox Corporation Tries To Acquire HP Inc.

    Honestly, seems strange. HP is the biggest PC manufacturer in the world, Xerox has nothing on them. Debt is a relative thing for these companies. As usual, it is time to remind that HP business and consumer computers are two very different things. Unfortunetaly.
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    Intel caught again with posting misleading benchmarks

    They have updated it: https://www.servethehome.com/update-to-the-intel-xeon-platinum-9282-gromacs-benchmarks-piece/
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    Seagate's Roadmap Calls for 18 TB, 20 TB Drives in 2020, 50 TB by 2026

    No, not even close. RAID 10 systems cannot do that. Maybe some, vs single drive. Maybe. But single disks cannot even push SATA 3 to the limit.
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    Diablo IV Announced at BlizzCon 2019

    Hype is real, but I do hope they will deliver. I am one of those who liked D3, but it was not perfect and Blizzard lately has not exactly... been great. BfA still pisses me off. Tell that to Path of Exile players :) Both Diablo and Souls series are RPGs, sure. But they are very different...
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    Confirmed: Windows 10 Setup Now Prevents Local Account Creation

    Never had Home, just Pro, but this is indeed strange. Yes, having the account does really give you bunch of nice stuff, but I dislike having to create it. I have a use case where it is better for me to have a local account only (shared PC). So this is also going to appear when I have a...
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    AMD Announces Integration With Microsoft's Secured-Core PC Initiative

    It "could", yet there are no real life cases. It is probably the most used full disk encryption system in Windows, which should make it more likely to be attacked, but it has not fallen as of yet. Sure, someday, but it is not yet here after more than a decade. The other side has also huge...
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    AMD Announces Integration With Microsoft's Secured-Core PC Initiative

    As I said, everything has bugs and nothing is perfect. I think have seen the need to update TPM firmware only once in its existence. This garbage is awesome, because it allows to do nice things with, say, BitLocker, for example, and I have yet to see anyone actually break BitLocker. You cannot...
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    AMD Announces Integration With Microsoft's Secured-Core PC Initiative

    TPM chip, used by tens of millions of PCs. Industry would disagree with you. And EVERYTHING has bugs, so what, stop using it? :/
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    Windows broke my printing.....

    Ya know, I cannot decide whether the OP is raging about Windows 10 or his IT department. P.S. I hold updates off for three weeks. Test group gets them the next day, then everybody else can install them two weeks later at will until deadline. Works pretty well. Critical updates are deployed...
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    HP Printers Try to Send Data Back to HP

    I see that it is time to panic... because reasons? Sorry, but this is just a clickbait.
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    Microsoft to Reportedly Use AMD Silicon on Its Next Gen Surface Devices

    You know the saying "If you have to ask, you can't afford it"? Surface devices in a good configuration are easily 2k+ USD/EUR.
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    Overwatch Legendary Edition Arrives on Nintendo Switch on October 15th

    And it even comes with Hellfire included :) https://www.gog.com/game/diablo
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    Gears of war 5 wont launch, error code (-2015295486)

    No need for app, its built in Windows. Open Settings, Programs, click on the UWP app and choose Move, then select the disk you want. Not sure of exact setting names in English, PC I am writing from is on different locale.