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    Is this Nvidia GeForce 660 ti fake?

    Always have seller take picture of white stickers on back of card and have him write his name on paper and have them both next to eachother as verification
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    CS:GO How to improve spray with AK-47/M4?

    Go Learn how to Play Joint Ops or Delta-Force Extreme 2.
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    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    Let's just wait until the parts are in our hands instead of speculating over all of it, it's pointless at this point.
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    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    Once I can unbox my rig from storage again, update Waterfox and noscript, mbam, avast and sas and spyware blaster and get the latest stable patches I will see. Im on phone right now
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    100% disk usage, computer almost un-usable

    You might not know how to optimize the services
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    Low voltages PSU, dangerous?

    Black screens typically are gpu related. Back your OC to stock though and just run the igp, if no crashes, increase the cpu oc back, if it crashes then its the cpu/board, if not then its the gpu. Check other voltages, tolerance is -5/+5% on psu rails.
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    Low voltages PSU, dangerous?

    When you RMA you pay for shipping, that is how most if not all companies work. It has been that way since 2002 at least. Normal business practice. You also insure the shipment.
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    Updated Firmware Available for 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core Processors

    Id theft, they can steal your bank info/money/setup fake billing accounts, ruin your credit/Social Security etc in the U.S. Also there are lurkers here who could do it especially if a person were to piss them off.
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    I was giving the topology of the system atleast when I worked for yhem. There could be a profiling issue or channel interference on the modem. Make sure they gave you a brand new modem and not some refurb unit, because the do that to save on operational costs.
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    A step towards cloning humans

    6th Day Law would be enacted
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Thats server dependent. Issues could be from the CO to the fiber cabinet, or fiber cabinet to the pedastal/terminal, from the terminal to your GPON, or between GPON and modem... If anything is damaged or worn out it will show differently, now guaranteed speeds are through ethernet though.
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    ES CPUs vs Retail... Also cadaveca is famous!

    Now that's funny