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Oct 17, 2013
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    1. brainlicker
      Says patch cant be found. [CODE][E] : Could not find patch #3. Please inform Ember @ techPowerUp! forums.
    2. Chick3nWizard
      Hey man, I also can't get past step 5. Could I get help for it?
    3. Brolt
    4. nvgamer
      i need help with patching the file in the DiffrentSLIAuto. i can't get further then the 5 step. in wich mode do i need to do this sfe mode test sign mode or a total diffrent mode.
    5. MakenX5
    6. MakenX5
      Hello Ember. I ran the process as in the video and it worked! But... afterwards I dwnld the 365.19 drvrs since they were newer than my old ones. Running DifferentSLIAuto froze after tryna patch. Any ideas? Thanks!
    7. supersirlink
      Hi Ember do you know if anyone had tried on a Mac Pro with matched Nvidia cards? I have a pair of 980ti SC cards, but haven't had much luck getting DifferentSLI to work. According to Wikipedia, it is using the Intel x58 chipset.

      With all the testing I have done, I am wondering if DifferentSLIAuto work in Windows 10 with it setup to use GPT/EFI...
    8. MORI3L
      Hi Ember, I have two Gigabyte GTX 960's and i'm trying to enable SLI on an ASUS Z97-A/USB3.1 Motherboard and the patch is not working. Says it cannot find the patch files. What can I do to get this going?

    9. Dayle
    10. Sliker_166
      Hi @Ember sorry for bothering you. But could you answer if is gonna have another release of different SLI? As soon as you answer I'll post on the different sli's topic.

      Thank you very much for your incredible work!
    11. Kirby1989
      Hi Ember, I've some trouble with DifferentAutoSLI...I followed the instructions but the patching went unsuccesfull...coul you help me, please? A kiss
    12. mosie
    13. Steinmaster170
      Hi every time i enable sli my drivers crash do you know how to fix this?
    14. VOiD210
      1. VOiD210
        if you need any more information i will reply as fast as i can thank you so much for your time Ember!
        Jan 14, 2016
      2. VOiD210
        also mother board is a gigabyte x99-ud4
        Jan 14, 2016
    15. aaronellis20
      Hi have just tried to use DifferentSliAuto and its saying Patch 3 can't be found if you need more info let me know am running windows 10 with 2 GTX 970's one is EVGA the other is Gigabyte
    16. Aristides
      Hi, as if today, can your amazing program connect in SLI a GTX 680 2GB VRAM with a GTX 980 4GB VRAM?
      If not, Are you planning to let this two kind of GPUs run in SLI despite the Video Memory differences?
    17. vagh_nagas
      Hi I had differentSLI on my windows 7 64 bit and for the longest time it worked without flaws but sadly I had to update to the latest version (350.34 I think) It is required for GTA V to work. I know it worked in the past so it should work but it does not. It acts like I have no drivers after running it. I do have Test Mode on and I did run it as an Administrator. Let me know.
    18. raysol
      hi i had to re install windows 7 x64 and of curse the differentsli 1.2 but now the cmd install is asking run this as an administrator. never have a problem before and do not know what to do ,so i will be very grateful if you can help me.
      asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3
      gts450 x2
      thank you.
      1. alhaynes86
        right click the install.cmd program and click run as administrator.
        Feb 25, 2015
    19. raton
      DiffrentSLI is not working anymore with latest nvidia drivers.
      Hello. I'll start with the problem. I've got to do SLI with 2 570gth. Then I turned off the test mode and all broke. Now all the methods do not help me. To activate SLI I used DifferentSLIAuto1.1_2.
      If anyone can help, here is my skype dark_xpamobhuk.
      PS I deleted the certificates differentsli and now I do not know how to return them. Maybe that's the problem?
    21. andressergio
      Btw I Was Investigating, I'm a Overclocker from xtremesystems for 9 years but not the kind of guy of opening an exe or reverse Ing. I would love to know what changes NVIDIA did since 320 to above drivers and if it can be solved. Some say NVIDIA new divers check bios random numbers, but i found NVIDIA too lazy to do it.

      Thanks again !
    22. andressergio
      Ember i came to this amazing tool finding a way of QUAD SLI GTX780's, NVIDIA blocked them to sell TITAN...I have my card back from RMA, long way to South America to found that ONLY 320 drivers work, Above No. Any information i appreciatte it.
      Kind Regards
    23. x0nik
      Hi i try to use program diferentsli auto...but is no t work corectly...give black scren all the time ,when i restart show me i have in sli gpu but when i try to use 3dmark...all is black ...same in the games i start b4 ....i must restart computer becouse all is black....
      i use 2 680 gtx last drivers ,one is from zotac 4 gb second is KFA 2 gb
      990 fx R2 sabertoth motherboard
      please can you help me ......thank you
    24. Abbat_Nikolas
      Need some help with DifferentSLI.
      Drivers 337.88, Geforce GTX 550 Ti and GTX 560, and there is no such thing as "nvlddmkm.sys" in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\.
      There are 4 of them in "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_disp.inf_amd64_neutral_34bea3ff6ddd5ee7\" and similar. All in DriverStore.
      What I am doing wrong?
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    Cooling: Custom watercooling loop
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