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    Ryzen Owners: Is Alder Lake tempting enough to switch to Intel?

    I'll be impressed with Intel's architectures once they stop pushing the hell out of their top of the line chip in everything just to be the best in Cinebench. 12600K is the only good CPU in this entire lineup, I expected more.
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    Ryzen Owners: Is Alder Lake tempting enough to switch to Intel?

    My 5900X is fine, and will be until at least 2025, thanks. Alder Lake doesn't impress me in the slightest after looking at that power consumption. They need to start competing without 3x the power consumption.
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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and More Coming Soon

    I heard these are developed by the same studio who worked on the GTA SA mobile port which was an absolute disaster. Combined with them removing classic titles apparently? Yeah my hype died pretty quickly. Ffs. This is why piracy isn't all that bad.
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    AMD Processors Lose 15% Gaming Performance with Windows 11, L3 Cache Latency Tripled

    15% is a stretch. I'm not losing that much. In fact I'm not noticing any difference from 10 to this, despite the L3 issue being indeed present in AIDA64. Anyway, this is fixed in the latest dev channel build so I'm gonna wait until it's pushed to release. Went back from Arch Linux to Windows...
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    My guy. I spent time doing per core and the resulting performance gain compared to -15 all core was fuck all anything, 25 MHz more on the best core at best. -15 all core is good enough for me, because it makes my 5900X reach 5.2 GHz single thread (on almost every core - not just the best ones)...
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    what is going on with my L3 Cache speed 46GB/s instead of over 650GB/s (5800X)

    Meanwhile on Arch Linux: Sub 10ns, and that memory latency is with all my stuff open + compiling a kernel in the background
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    Easy Anti-Cheat support added for Linux...

    Valve my beloved. There is one game I cannot play on Linux and that is Paladins, an EAC game. I can patiently wait for the devs to add Linux compatibility. But man do I love what Valve has been doing for the Linux desktop lately, and I've only been using Linux for a month. The Steam Deck...
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    Microsoft Reveals Office 2021 Pricing

    Me with my beloved LibreOffice on Linux: don't care
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    Antec Rolls Out NX420 Mid-Tower Case

    As an owner of those X Trio 30 series cards... they're fucking massive. You better have an anti sag mount prepped for it. I have a cheap upHere mount that does the job well. Doubt the case has anything to do with GPU sag.
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    GIGABYTE Intros AORUS ARGB Fan Series

    RGB fans... bleh. I'll wear my "ugly" Noctua brown'n'beiges with pride. Also my beloved Silent Wings 3.
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    TPU's Discord Server!

    Well yeah but they also disabled two of my past accounts for no reason so
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    TPU's Discord Server!

    It ended up working, I guess Discord has a vendetta against me
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    TPU's Discord Server!

    Aren't you guys able to make invites? If not, @Toothless DM invite please kthx
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    TPU's Discord Server!

    I seem to be unable to join back. Have I been banned?
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    ARCH Linux Experience

    I still think EndeavourOS is the best way to start with Arch. It offers a great customizable installation process and a friendly community. As someone who's never interacted with Arch before and only Ubuntu/Debian based distros, they sure were a lot of help.