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    ...ok thats just cool.....and something total different.
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    Assortment of Five AMD B550 Premium Motherboards Pictured

    ...Dragons, owls, martial Arts and......RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......why? Is it designed specifically to optimize racing games? # Marketing. Boards do look kinda nice though. @ assimilator you know its just a matter of time before Asus Tuff boards with "RGB Panel Armor" comes along. :laugh:
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    AMD B550 Chipset Detailed, It's Ready for Zen 3, Older AM4 Motherboards not Compatible

    ...digital pitchforks. Tar and feathers......come and get your digital pitchforks, tar and feathers.... $10 a person lowest price on the internet!!!! I upgrade at random so.....I'll be getting the new platform anyway. AMD will eventually go all dark side and join the Sith and whatever...
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    AMD B550 Chipset Detailed, It's Ready for Zen 3, Older AM4 Motherboards not Compatible

    ....good thing i only paid $50 for my Asus Rog Strix B450-F gaming. Bought it new off someone who couldn't finish their planned build. Looking to do the same again on this upcoming generation.
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    Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Sells at Auction for $5200

    ....how is this possible? I can see movie memorabilia, comic books, autographs and sports cards because they're tied to living people and even the average joe will know about them. Cyberpunk must be way bigger than i thought or is it just that old Nvdia magic/madness and us nerds seeking the...
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    .......yeah I gotta a tech addiction.....it was so cheap though........
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    Logitech's latest peripherals are really top notch. ....My next keyboard will be the Asus Rog Claymore(still can't quite figure out why).... if I can find one for a relatively sane price..... If not then definitely a Das.
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    ......anyone else just randomly buy mice for no particular reason?
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    .......gonna use it on a side build im working on will post when its complete.
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    ....found this dusty thing at a local flea market. Never heard this model before. Seller in a "computer shop" didn't know what is was (didn't have a price on it so she said he'd sell it to me for the same price of a cooler master power supply....:rolleyes:) eventually he sold it to me for $10.
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    Cooler Master Redesigns its TIM Packaging so Parents Don't Think Their Kids are Doing Drugs

    .....I am seriously amused ......and horrified at the current state of man kind....
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    Your PC ATM

    .....his office has no idea of the power which resides on his desk.
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    How do you justify a CPU upgrade?

    .....what i find works best for me is to first be real with myself. Is it a need?(rarely ever) Or do i just want it and can i comfortably afford it?(often lies to self). I often sell the old hardware first and it usually accounts to over half of the cost of the new. Add in a little...
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    Your PC ATM

    .....got my machine a change of clothes for the new year. Snagged a new Asus Rog Strix B450-F Gaming for $50 on facebook market place. Gonna get a used ryzen for the old chasis and build a Linux rig. .......the old faithful test chair ....not the best photo but it looks pretty...
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    Intel 10th Gen Core "Comet Lake" Lineup and Specs Revealed

    .....been away for a minute but never in my wildest dreams did i think the landscape would've changed this much. The next few years will be amazing though....when intel finally gets it right and then Amd responds.....definitely a great time for the pc community.