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    'AMD postpones Zen 3 processors to 2021 due to weak competition'

    I think they need time to have the motherboard BIOSes for X470/B450 up to snuff before launch if they want the other part of the market to buy into Zen 3. Otherwise for people like myself with an X470 board, it's pointless for me to buy the CPU if I can't even use it. Personally I have no...
  2. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    Still playing Code;Vein. But after 400+ hours I hit a wall trying to solo the last DLC boss at Level 1, I completed the game twice as Level 1 already but the Thunder boss takes the p***, too many mistakes and too many chances to get killed in 1 hit or blasted a second time after recovery. Not...
  3. EntropyZ

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact

    Is it just be or they're rolling down-hill with these "new" releases? I had a Define C, Mini and already own 2 Meshify cases which are better for most use cases and costed less. In some ways I thought Meshify was a step back because the removable front had also affixed the front I/O to it. It...
  4. EntropyZ

    Intel Slightly Upgrades Stock Coolers for Some of its Higher 10th Gen Core and Xeon-W

    Oh, so they brought back the copper slug that existed on the radiators with the socket 775 chips already. *yawn* Still garbage even for a 65W chip.
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    GIGABYTE B550 AORUS Master Waltzes Around Chipset Limitations to Provide Three Gen 4 M.2 Slots

    The board looks to be expensive, I mean they even provide a heatsink rather than a block of aluminum that has the surface area of a tiny paperweight.
  6. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    I got to the desert part, something about the game that takes too long to explore everything, you move so slow around these huge maps. I haven't played since. There's too many things added to pad out game length without offering a significant pay-off for spending time. It just didn't feel...
  7. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    Started Code:Vein, well it's something and I've wanted to put off playing it, but there were too many things to like about the game. It's more like DMC instead of Dark Souls, as someone familiar with the Dark Souls series, the games' first 3 hours seem too easy. I can't get accurate...
  8. EntropyZ

    Most hours played in a game!

    Around 28K+ hours in Skyrim now, counting every edition released so far from all the save, play data and crashed runtimes I kept from logs. This is not mentioning the time taken modding the things in the first place. No other game has had this much attention since it's launch. The first 5 years...
  9. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    I'm testing some shaders I'm making on Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, so I can use them later for Skyrim/Fallout 4. Vanilla game doesn't look all that different from what UE3 can do honestly, and the game still manages to get the GPU to work up a bit with fancy stuff like Ambient Occlusion...
  10. EntropyZ

    iiyama Releases the GB3461WQSU Red Eagle Gaming Monitor

    Which should, in theory be helpful with screen uniformity, most curved screen panels have less uniformity in how they look from center to the edges when displaying.
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    What are you playing?

    I'm still just 25 hours in Dragon Age: Inquisition, it's so much longer than Origins, I think 'cause I'm trying to explore, find and collect everything that can be taken in the world. I'm giving the game a second chance. I think I should have picked the mage, didn't know magic had a lot more...
  12. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    Did someone say Homeworld? Muahaha. I've been re-playing the campaign with a mod that pushes the ship limit. Theoretically I could build 200 super-class ships at maximum, if only there were enough resources in the maps to get that far. I've been dropping some time in Warhammer 40K: Dark Crusade...
  13. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    Back in Mojave. With guest stars, me, you and muh Dragunov.
  14. EntropyZ

    E3 2020 Cancelled due to Coronavirus

    Better this way IMO. The last E3 was more marketing than you can put in a cringe-worthy 2 min teaser trailer or just showing off majority of products that will be unfinished even at the time of release, rather than an expo that's worthy. Times have changed, sadly.
  15. EntropyZ

    What are you playing?

    I finally finished Fallout: New Vegas and all of the DLCs after my failed modding attempts 8 years ago. Now I get why people feel the need to say that's the best recent Fallout game that deserves it's name. I guess "New California" is next on my things to do. Been playing some Escape from...