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    The Family of man just got Bigger

    there has been a known foreign species for a long time, it is called "the AMD fanboy"
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    Intel Packs 3D X-Point and QLC NAND Flash Into a Single SSD: Optane H10

    They can't enable it on motherboards that dont have the lanes or lack such support, say amd based / budget boards. It might be this device is splitting the controllers INTERNALLY, transparent to the slot, not by using the motherboard for splitting the lanes. But yeah, other solutions are...
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    Steam causing weird hardware chimes

    I would remove icue and use the latest version of corsair link, a bit more mature and stable. Also it does not need to run in the background, you may set the service to manual.
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    Intel Packs 3D X-Point and QLC NAND Flash Into a Single SSD: Optane H10

    enough with the qlc anti-progress already. It sucks in longevity, write performance, etc., and those new products will still cost more and be slower then say adata xpg sx8200 pro, no matter what controller wizardry they try with this.
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    Steam causing weird hardware chimes

    Steam does not harvest anything, at least for me I firewall any process not related to game launching, same thing with blizzard system survey, once I firewall it -it just closes. You do realize such assumptions are against the user license agreement and steam would never "crawl" behind your...
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    Gigabyte X99 ultra gaming boot loop

    For starters i dont see how a bios /chip would be responsible for windows boot issue or boot loop, especially that bios loads fine. But it would be nice if OP would explain and detail the steps he did to mod his board, especially when it resolve the issue of his own thread.
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    that would require a bifurcation supported slots, in actuallity lanes are spread very thin most of the time
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    Ordered Adata SU650 240gb but Seller sent me Kinston A400, Worth Replacement/Complaint?

    It's not fraud if it is covered by buyer protection and agreed upon for partial refund due to sending the wrong product in the first place. That's why it's partial, because you decided to keep it anyway.
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    Ordered Adata SU650 240gb but Seller sent me Kinston A400, Worth Replacement/Complaint?

    the question is not whether it's a better product, the seller made a mistake and you can get a partial refund for your trouble, even if you keep it. Although very rare with amazon, stuff happens. Did you test it's smart attributes to check usage time to verify it's new?
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    This software looks like Nvidia Inspector, is that a coincidence ?

    Actually nv inspector is being developed for a long time, also the profile inspector is very usefull for importing custom profiles and to save/load them. So no need to bash them...
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    Can you please not mention *****en nazis on tech site, regardless of that eagle on the side of the card....
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    How To Flash RTX Video Card BIOS To A Different Series

    https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash/ https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash-with-board-id-mismatch-disabled/
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    Glued Die on ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Affects Some Aftermarket Cooling Solutions

    That is acceptable from the manufacturer stand point, 3rd party cooler manufacturers will need to adapt or just allow for the change in a later revision of the coolers. As long as everything is documented somewhere in the spec sheet or revision info.
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    Cinebench "Extreme Edition" MOD by HwGeek

    Power hungry classic beast, not a valid option by today's standards, in terms of electricity bill, lack of avx extensions, etc. But interesting nonetheless
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    Samsung SSD SM1715 HHHL 1.6tb (PCIe 3.0 nvme card)

    yes but to the OP question regarding pcie 2.0 speeds and this drive, we look at: (quote from arestavo) " PCIE 2.0 X4 has 2000 MB/s of bandwidth available, but version 2.0 has more overhead than 3.0 - so you won't see the full 2000 MB/s (just guessing, but 1500 MB/s sounds about right). The...