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    How to disable automatic driver update in Windows 10 build 2004

    as long as the VERY LATEST version of O&OShutup10 is used (such as the newly released v1.8.1413) . older versions of Shutup10 (ex. 1.7.x & earlier) are not fully compatible with v2004 so download the newest version and overwrite/replace the old version when using recent Win10 versions.
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    Making Audio Enhancers Work on Windows

    ok forget about using DTS X Ultra, baribal. it will never work on your ASUS board due to strict license & HWID checking. I've scrubbed the DTS X Ultra uwp app from my Gigabyte board as well as the DTS APO4x files and installed DTS Headphone X v1 uwp app and the DTS APO3x files, which do not...
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    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (Introducing DCH Version)

    did you restart your computer afterwards after restarting NahimicService, Lacoz? reboot twice if you have to. the current version of the Nahimic 3 app (v1.4.4) is BUGGY! Do NOT use the 1.4.4 version of the Nahimic 3 UWP app from MS store! uninstall that and install an older version of the...
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    windows 10 v 2004

    no probs with win10 v2004 build 19041.264 on my test PC with a Giagbyte board (amd socket am3+) using an old AMD Phenom II X4 cpu running win10 x64 education edition cuz pro edition is not good enough for me
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    Making Audio Enhancers Work on Windows

    I have a similar problem as you, baribal. The DTS driver for Gigabyte boards is from here which has dtsapo4ultraGigabyteextensionpkg.inf instead of dtsapo4ultraAsusextensionpkg.inf. I tried different versions of the DTS:X Ultra app (v1.5.12, v1.6.2 & v1.7.3) and I get the same behavior as yours...
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    Any chance we will see Windows 10 2004 released today? Tuesday is usually the chosen day correct?

    not until maybe June for amd. nvidia is already working on wddm 2.7 drivers with v450.xx & greater Windows Lifecycle fact sheet recently updated to include the 2004 version btw, today May 27 is a Wed (not Tue)
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    Windows 10 Update breaking RDC.... KB4556799

    no problems with KB456799 installed on a Win10 v1909 pro system - and it's actually an old HP pavilion desktop pc; no blue screen problems on there either what kind of computer are you using, theoneandonlymrk? I only hear about the BSOD issues with KB456799 and they seem to occur on some HP...
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    Download Windows 10 ESD

    a little late on this but MSDN/MVS users got updated v2004 ISOs with build 19041.264 on TH May 21 instead of build 19041.208 examples of these updated 2004 ISOs: 2004 business us-en 5/2020 - en_windows_10_business_editions_version_2004_updated_may_2020_x64_dvd_aa8db2cc.iso...
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    Windows 10 ping not working, internet is fine.

    have you tried using ipconfig.exe /flushdns and then restarting your computer? or even rebooting or restarting your router? win10 ping.exe cmd tool working fine for me - no AV and using WD (aka windows defender)
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    Any chance we will see Windows 10 2004 released today? Tuesday is usually the chosen day correct?

    sorry lynx29 - not happening on Tue 5/26 since that day is almost over more likely to happen either 5/27 or 5/28
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    Download Windows 10 ESD

    x64 only - really? grrrrrrr... KB4556803 CU (cumulative update) [x86/32bit] [x64/64bit] [ARM64] with KB4557968 SSU (servicing stack update) [x86/32bit] [x64/64bit] [ARM64] also version 2004 build 19041.208 ISOs recently released to MSDN users aka. "developers" (Neowin article) those...
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    Asus Xonar DX Modded Drivers For Windows 7/8/10

    sorry antonkaz - not possible to add DTS/Dolby/Nahimic/Creative/Harman options to Asus Xonar DX sound card during this time :( older dolby & dts (aka dolby HTv4), maybe but newer dolby like dolby atmos, no and those Uni Xonar drivers ARE modded drivers - just not the "mod" you are looking for...
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    Realtek Audio Console can't connect to RPC service

    folks, if you guys are still having problems with the Realtek UAD drivers and getting RPC service errors: uninstall the Realtek UAD driver by using either DDU (display driver uninstall utility) or Driver Store Explorer (RAPR) [remove all extensions and components related to Realtek if using...
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    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (Introducing DCH Version)

    in that case, LTakahashi has to use DriverStore Explorer (RAPR) to uninstall any Realtek extensions and other software components relating to Realtek before clean installing the modded driver.
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    Download Windows 10 ESD

    more like general release of v2004 near the END of May - build 19041.208 has just reached the Release Preview ring as of Thursday April 30: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2020/04/30/getting-the-may-2020-update-ready-for-release-updated/