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    Did I just screw up with the 7900XTX - multi monitor supported?!

    I would get in contact with AMD customer support.
  2. Eskimonster

    My new pc down why it happened and how to fix?

    BSOD´s can corrupt files
  3. Eskimonster

    Cheap USB DAC to replace onboard audio?

    I think headset stand ST100 corsair could do the job, not sure of your local prizing. 'Ofcorse its not very mobile.
  4. Eskimonster

    Radeon extremely low market share, only 8% in Q3 2022?

    Yet another thread ending in Fanboys throwing mud cakes....
  5. Eskimonster

    New build doesn’t work

    It happens a lot that the gpu needs to be set too primary display, as motherboard allocate the igpu for primary display. When that have happened to me, i need to use the connector from motherboard output to the screen, and not the grafik card. Then i go too bios and change the setup, thereafter...
  6. Eskimonster

    Which PSU maker is the most reliable?

    i swear to Seasonic, and i only buy them with 10 years or more warranty.
  7. Eskimonster

    ASUS and Noctua to Unveil GeForce RTX 40-series Graphics Card

    Looks like a DIY card, but "it just works"
  8. Eskimonster

    AMD Allegedly Has 200,000 Radeon RX 7900 Series GPUs for Launch Day

    IDC, they could have 1 million each country still not buying them.
  9. Eskimonster

    Campfire Audio Launches Orbit: Their First True Wireless Earphones

    Me too, and they are ugly imho.
  10. Eskimonster

    Aqua Computer Offers Practical Sealing Frame for Socket AM5 CPUs

    CPU condom keeps the jizz in place
  11. Eskimonster

    Sapphire's Radeon RX 7900 Cards Make an Early Appearance on Amazon

    Ofc Black gets hotter in the sun, but thats not the CASE here :) And i realy dislike white hardware.
  12. Eskimonster

    Arm Announces Appointment of Paul E. Jacobs and Rosemary Schooler to its Board of Directors

    Sometimes i wish males was not always presented first, but who cares what i wish.
  13. Eskimonster

    EK Launches Intel Arc A750 and A770 Full-coverage Water Blocks

    WTF this is so stupid.
  14. Eskimonster

    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Get their First Round of Price Cuts, 7950X at $574

    @Daven I so agree, my 3770k does the job still. And hardware is getting better then it ever has, the longevity of a modern pc is longer then ever