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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    Phillips hue all overs in my condo RGB FTW
  2. Eskimonster

    ADATA XPG the First to Overclock DDR5 to 8,118 MT/s

    So what is MT/s and why the change ? old style worked just fine.
  3. Eskimonster

    TPU needs negative reacts

    Like´s and dislike´s home is Facebook, not TPU. I sincerly dislike the idea.
  4. Eskimonster

    Mechanical keyboards are overrated

    This hole field of electronics slash hardware is overrated, the buy and bin culture is awefull. Wish people would hang onto their purchases longer.
  5. Eskimonster

    Microsoft Makes Mouse out of Ocean Plastic, Claims Environmental Creds

    i use a lot of plastic in my work, if the brand has 20% recycled material , that is usually the max recycled materials it can withhold and still be usable. the integrity of the material is important, as you dont want to create a product that has a short lifespan.
  6. Eskimonster

    Have you ever experienced a power supply failure?

    i bought rather pricey psu´s always, i buildt around 10 pc´s for famely no psu fails so far. Spanning over 20 years, used mostly EVGA or Seasonic. Im sure its the quality that made them stay alive.
  7. Eskimonster

    GPU Market Pricing Back in Uptrend, Shattering Expectations of Price Normalization

    Tomorrow for the first time there should be a 3080 for sale under 1k$, and youre telling me its over already :)
  8. Eskimonster

    Open world games get my CPU hot. Will better heatsink help or just nature of the chip?

    A good cooler for your CPU will always make it live longer. I like the side effect of a good cooler that the pc is silent, i would not ramp up fan speed on the cost of a more poluted audio enviroment.
  9. Eskimonster

    TPU Forum Rewards, Looking for Feedback

    I like the idea, but i fear much more moderation is needed, and loads of offtopics etc.
  10. Eskimonster

    Panasonic Unveils SC-GN01 Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System (WIGSS)

    Muhahahahahaaaa, I kinda like the neck beard grinder tho. but the price is way off.
  11. Eskimonster

    My CPU is getting too hot, do I need a new cooler for it?

    ive vacum cleaned my pc on and off for 10 years now. heat is only an issue for me when dust build up. I have never repasted it , nor changed the AIO i buildt it with.
  12. Eskimonster

    I believe my PC is the Antichrist and I am willing to pay anyone that helps fix it

    I would repaste the CPU , why its slow is strange.