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    Linus Torvalds Slams Security Researchers Without Taking Names

    Maybe you (and the rest of the press) should have given AMD enough time to even comment on it before publishing unsubstantiated libel. But then again, you got so many clicks from the bait so I'm sure you don't regret it one bit.
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    Should owners of processors affected by security problems receive compensation?

    People who actually get affected, as in people have their security breached should get way more compensation than just the cost of a CPU. For everyone else, if there is no performance penalties and fixes are provided in a timely fashion, there should be no need for compensation. If there is...
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    Intel Core "Coffee Lake" Germany Prices Revealed - Price Increases Marginal

    That's completely wrong. Sandy Bridge 214mm^2, Sky Lake (Kaby Lake is almost the same) is 122mm^2 even including graphics. If you go by price/mm^2 of silicon for 4 core i7s, the Sandy Bridge is half the price of the Sky Lake for the same silicon area.
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    Blizzard Pays Generous Bounty for Original Starcraft "Gold Master" Source CD

    It just shows how dumb the guy is. I seen this story posted is so many sites now and every time, it sounds like PR push from blizzard when the whole thing costed the billion dollar company like $1000 total. Fools who don't know the value of their assets will walk away from a scam thinking they...
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    AMD's Upcoming RX 500 Rebrands to use LPP Process - Higher Clocks, Lower Power

    So you take your own paraphrasing as promises made by other people? I wonder how you even function normally with all the broken promises in you must feel every day...
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    AMD's Upcoming RX 500 Rebrands to use LPP Process - Higher Clocks, Lower Power

    Who the hell promised you that?
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    Samsung's Z- SSD Featuring Z-NAND Makes a Physical Appearance

    You are confusing Mb and MB.
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    AMD's VEGA Alive and Well - Announced MI25 VEGA as Deep Learning Accelerator

    I am 100% sure that NCU stands for Nvidia Compute Unit.
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    NVIDIA Claws Back Console Chips Business: Nintendo Switch Announced

    They are likely talking about half precision which is what nvidia quotes for their X1. It will be 500GFLOPs of single precision if the cores are maxwell.
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    Intel 8000p - The First Consumer-Grade 3D Xpoint Products

    If they can, they aren't even close yet.
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    AMD and Oculus Shatter VR Barriers With $499 CyberPowerPC VR Ready System

    People complain about things being underpowered for VR and yet most of the VR games out are not even taxing. The minimal requirements for Oculus isn't the same as the Vive so the steam VR bench isn't even relevant. There is only the artificial requirement of the minimal spec. All the games run...
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    NVIDIA to Credit Marty McFly Modding for Leftover Ansel Code

    So nvidia admits to stealing it now and people will probably still defend them.
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    Microsoft XBOX Scorpio SoC Powered by "Polaris" and "Zen"

    The source only speculates it's Zen. If it is Zen then it would only be 4 cores 8 threads. A full 8 core Zen plus a 6TF GPU will not fit inside the power envelope of a console while remaining cost effective at all. 8 core zen is 95W, even the lower clocked low power version will probably be...
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    TechPowerUp News Extra: GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Launch

    Nvidia is slowly raising the price of the cards and everyone is buying it up. $700 is insane and it's not even the titan yet. I can't imagine what price they would release the 1080ti and titan10 at.