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    AMD 7nm "Vega" by December, Not a Die-shrink of "Vega 10"

    Vega 56 is a decent gaming GPU. 1070 Ti performance and decent power consumption. They can gain 35% at least just from the node jumps and reduce power consumption + die size. That's 2070 performance at very likely the same power consumption. They can drop the price to $350 thanks to the...
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    Logitech PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Exactly. Logitech has been testing this mouse in the field for awhile now. The London Spitfire won the overwatch league grand finals with this mouse.
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    AMD 7nm "Vega" by December, Not a Die-shrink of "Vega 10"

    I wouldn't say that. Going from 14nm to 7nm should give Vega a significant performance boost.
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    MSI Drops First Hint of AMD Increasing AM4 CPU Core Counts

    Depends on how power efficient it is. Given that Zen 2 is the first major redesign and is on a smaller node, I suspect that it will run just fine. Current Zen+ chips are very efficient at the same core clock as previous gen. Intel has yet to come out with an 8 core CPU that's on the ringbus...
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    AMD to Rename "FreeSync 2" To "FreeSync 2 HDR", Increase Minimum HDR Requirement

    Yeah, ambient lighting plays a huge role in how much brightness you need. Most people don't know that and just leave it at default settings but you can significantly increase image quality simply by tuning brightness. Decreasing the brightness increases the contrast. Brightness is merely a...
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    NVIDIA Ends Controversial GeForce Partner Program (GPP)

    Yeah, If Nvidia wanted to "clear misinformation" they could have simply released a press statement. Instead they didn't utter a word until just now.
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    AMD & Intel Roadmaps for 2018 Leaked

    "RISC based computing used 64 bit as early as 1975 No, some super computers had 64 bit integer arithmetic and 64 bit registers but all the CPU stages were not 64-bit. That is a requirement. In addition from the webpage you linked "Intel i860[4] development began culminating in a (too late[5]...
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    TSMC to Bring 3D Stacked Wafers to Complex Silicon Designs, Such as GPUs

    Latency is an issue. You cannot put cache on a separate die, which requires extremely low latency. AMD experiences up to 250ns of latency die to die. For something as commenly used as cache, putting it on a seperate die would completely destroy performance. There is a reason cache is right...
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    AMD & Intel Roadmaps for 2018 Leaked

    AMD invented x64, was the first to reach 1 GHz, was the first to have a dual core server chip, first quad core server chip, first to multi-screen gaming (eyefininity), first to integrate a x86 processor with an iGPU that can play games making an APU, first to fully support DX11, First to DX...
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    AMD to Begin Sampling 7nm "Zen 2" Processors Within 2018 for a 2019 Launch

    Ins't that what the 2800X is going to do? I don't think AMD even needs to wait for next gen ryzen for that goal. Zen 2 will likely have XFR 3.0 boost at least to 4.5 GHz with a 15% uptick in IPC and more cores. TBH I would rather AMD concentrate on IPC instead of frequency as higher and...
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    AMD "Vega 20" with 32 GB HBM2 3DMark 11 Score Surfaces

    I really don't get the point of a 32GB card. AMD took a chunk of the die just for the HBCC, which gives them access to up to 1TB of memory. What's the point of hampering the card's gaming performance if they aren't even going to use the feature they traded it for. I swear, what the hell was...
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    CD Projekt Red to Present Role-Playing Game at E3 2018

    You've never watched an interview or a behind the scenes of these guys before have you? They are not doing this to make money, they love making games above all else. They started as a very small studio and nearly went bankrupt just trying to port their game to the xbox.
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    AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

    Lying on a warranty claim is fraud. You can do that and feel good about potentially saving a few dollars. I instead will simply buy products from companies that back their products. Either way, I'm not going to live with a lie for the rest of my life for paper bills.
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    Fudzilla: AMD Navi is no high end GPU

    The article starts with "Many AMD fanboys hoped that Vega 7 nm would be a GPU that could make Vega more competitive to Nvidia's offering. " The credibility of the author went out the window with that sentence. IF Navi being an MCM is true, it will likely be incredibly competitive. AMD can...
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    Intel Confirms Z390 and X399 Chipsets in Official Documents

    Yes, because Intel owns every name they could potentially ever use for their chipsets or CPUs....Oh wait they don't. Saying that Intel has a right to X399 is like saying Apple is the only one how can have rounded corners on their phones (which they actually have a patent for!). I can tell you...