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    AMD Designing Zen 4 for 2021, Zen 3 Completes Design Phase, out in 2020

    I can see 4 way SMT easily. The only way I can see to reduce power consumption is to increase the number of threads, while keeping the core count the same. An 8c/32t chip would be the max on desktops, but a 4c/16t would be equivalent to the current 8c/16t in most tasks. Up to 4 threads, you...
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    Intel Pentium Gold G5600 3.9 GHz

    https://ark.intel.com/products/129945/Intel-Pentium-Gold-G5600-Processor-4M-Cache-3_90-GHz They seem to have all of the neccessary virtualisation for most use cases. Its ony the Trusted Execution stuff that is left out, and VPro, which is left out of all of the Consumer chipsets and stuff anyway.
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    THEC64 Mini, the Rebirth of the World's Best-Selling Home Computer

    Its super sad that they put a keyboard on there, and its non-functional. Just for that, its a no-go for me. Would have been all over it otherwise....
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    AMD Radeon Boss Raja Koduri Jumps Ship

    Yeah, right. If they sell the Radeon Group, no more APU's, no more console Chips. All it would leave them with is Ryzen. AMD is fine, this is a small bump in the road, and people are imagining wierd things, without thinking. AMD is selling CPU's and GPU's just fine. They just aren't as big as...
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    AMD "Raven Ridge" Silicon Detailed

    Was this info on one of the slides ? i seem to have missed which one....
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    AMD "Navi" GPU by Q3-2018: Report

    Unfortunately, I beleive that all the next AMD GPU's are going to be good miners..... Comparing Nvidia Shaders Units to AMD Shader Units is not possible. They are completely different things.
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    Intel Product Launch Schedule till Mid-2018 Leaked

    I was more thinking about Star Citizen. Someone at Roberts Industries OK'd this. Is Star Citizen going to have an option for a cache drive or something ?
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    Intel Product Launch Schedule till Mid-2018 Leaked

    Why would the Optane SSD be optimised for Star Citizen ?
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    Intel Core "Coffee Lake" Germany Prices Revealed - Price Increases Marginal

    I think LambdaTek is an Ebay or Amazon shop or something. Thats probably where they get the "translation" from ;) I was just looking for some headphones for my phone, and it was one of the shops in the Google Shopping "list" of sites. There were much better, and more trustworthy sites...
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    Inno3D Warn Miners Of Possible Warranty Void on Their Graphics Cards

    I think the distinction is between Server and Desktop products. Server products are generally passively cooled, and evolve in sometimes very harsh and hot environments. They need to be stable in whatever case, and generally have much more expensive components, to assure a long life. Consumer...
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    Inno3D Warn Miners Of Possible Warranty Void on Their Graphics Cards

    I fully agree. Inno3D has just opened themselves up for Lawsuits. If the cards aren't meant to be run 24/7, then they MUST state what usage the card was designed for. If the card is only warrantied for 3 hours usage a day (for example), their company is toast. This really just smells of "we...
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    It was a real good idea at the time, but then the HBM delays and cost increases (they expected volume production by now). You can't design a chip with a 2048bit HBM interface and just switch it to GDDR. The lower Vega will prob all be GDDR based. Consumer Volta is most probably going to be...
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    Bought and delivered. The one thing that should have been done, is asked AMD about it, maybe even showed them the photo, and asked for a comment on that. You have a very good point that TPU has nothing to gain from this, apart from clicks and page visits. There is a lot to lose though, and...
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    Ah, When I click on the special offer link that comes up now. It didn't when I bought the card, and for the next few days. The wording is a bit weird though, as it states limited to 137 usages (utilisations), rather than limited to 137 customers (clients or acheteurs)....That could be construed...
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    AMD is still selling the cards at the regular price. Any price increase is not on their end, it is on the retailers end, gouging out the users wallets.