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    Next-Generation Laptop Hardware from Intel and NVIDIA Coming April 2nd

    Why worry about generations when AMDs gpu offerings are woefully inefficient. And to compound the issue they're still yet achieve parity more than years later with the flagship competitor
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    Domain Registration Sparks Grand Theft Auto VI Announcement Rumors

    Weather effects will probably be optimized for RDNA2 'intersection engines', sadly it won't be at near the level of RTX if the underwhelming demo is any indication
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    SAPPHIRE Announces New Family of Compact AMD Ryzen Embedded Motherboards

    Does it still suffer from high idle/standby consumption? Admirable from AMD but also limited availability and options
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    AMD Updates its "Raise the Game" Bundle, Leaves out RX 5600 XT, Bolsters RX 5500 XT

    Can't expect AMD to severely underprice their products relative to nvidia, but ironically the nvidia price hike helped them subsidize 7nm production
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    AMD Updates its "Raise the Game" Bundle, Leaves out RX 5600 XT, Bolsters RX 5500 XT

    Here's hoping that AMD can generate an additional 30-40% performance increase across the board with RDNA2 on 7nm+. and that the ray-tracing implementation will consist of a clever cross-platform software solution that relies partially on reworked TMUs, something that is cost-effective enough to...
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    ASUS Revises RX 5700-series TUF Gaming with Axial Tech Fans and New Heatsink Underneath

    Why even buy the 5700XT if it were Sapphire/Powercolor? Countless driver issues, improper VR support, absence of anything remotely competitive with NVENC, no CUDA, no dedicated RT/tensor cores (as if their presence is a negative for a consumer), no VRR, broader developer support and somehow...
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    Intel Rumored to be Courting GlobalFoundries for Some CPU Manufacturing

    Backported Willow Cove will still be very competitive against Zen 3. In typical fashion the red team can only equal or beat with a massive node advantage. EMIB based multi-chiplet 14nm server dies will still beat them, and AMD can't touch them in AVX512 and its subset instructions
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    Expect High-end Navi: AMD CEO

    Its going to be massive, 280W minimum, around 64-72 CUs and will have adjusted TMU units to provide underwhelming ray-tracing features, or software-based ray tracing. And it'll achieve 2080S tier raster power. The fact that Nvidia is holding off the 2080Ti Super is an indication they have...
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    Core i9-10900K up to 30% Faster than i9-9900K: Intel

    Cooper-Lake will arrive MCM with 48/56 cores H2 2020. As for this, Skylake at two nodes behind still manages to have greater ST than AMD's tweaked Ryzen. Zen 3 will arrive to find backported Willow Cove on 14nm++ or 10nm/7nm, Zen 4 will probably be the first to equal WC clock-for-clock in IPC...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X is a 48-core Monster for When 64 Cores Are Too Many, 32 Too Few

    Cooper-Lake will arrive with 56 cores at 14nm++, MCM design, and will negate the entire series despite being 2 nodes behind. Only a matter of time (H2 2021)
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X is a 48-core Monster for When 64 Cores Are Too Many, 32 Too Few

    Before we all board the train - New socket and much worse value than previous gens (comparatively) - How many workloads are still 'unoptimized'? - Niche segment, esp. when AMD can't convince major companies to switch on the server side - Lost out at After-effects, compression/decom and any...
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    Next Gen Core i5 Desktop Processor Confirmed to Feature HyperThreading

    Pricing is key. My guess is that they'll still charge a premium for unlocked 4/8 and 6/12, compared to the 3600. They haven't even bothered to reduce the price of the 9600K
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    Eagerly waiting to see if the 10900K can beat the vaunted 9350K on userbenchmark. They need to issue a press statement on the updated necessity for higher core counts.
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    NVIDIA Files for "Hopper" and "Aerial" Trademarks

    Radeon VII is 331mm sq. vs 486 for Vega 64, still not an apples to apples architectural comparison but still better than RDNA. It achieved 30% improvement with 1.56x density at TSMC 7nm. Assuming that Samsungs 7nm+ is within range for 7nm TSMC (not +), its not a bad bet. My guess is that if it...
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    NVIDIA Files for "Hopper" and "Aerial" Trademarks

    Read it again. Raster performance and not process. You really don't think going down to 7nm won't bring about 30?