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    Setting 4k sector size on NVMe SSDs: does performance actually change?

    I do not think it matters for SSD's really, as those do not write in sequential manner. They write in rather random behavior based on free space and wear level mitigation techniques. Yes it applied to spindles, hands down 4K is a default... 512 were for floppy magnetics and super early five...
  2. Ferrum Master

    The official thermal paste thread

    I wondering, despite you posting so many documents and evidence... no there is no pump effect claims... Yea sure. It is and especially with this shit Noctua paste I got burned with. It is fine like for few days for benchmarks. Your documents describe the exact problem with it, too much filler...
  3. Ferrum Master

    how to make a swap file on microsd for 32GB eemc netbooks

    That's a bad idea. You will kill the card in few months.
  4. Ferrum Master

    The official thermal paste thread

    Stick with MX-2 or MX-4 and call it a day. Seriously NT-H2 is one of the worst pastes for long term usage.
  5. Ferrum Master

    The official thermal paste thread

    One of the worst PoS paste out there. Low shelf life, abysmal pump out effect.
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    OFFICIAL Cyberpunk 2077 Game Discussion

    There was no need for it. If you read up, there were numerous exploits in this game to ease up your gameplay.
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    Scythe Intros Big Shuriken 3 Rev B CPU Cooler

    That's aluminum oxide imho.
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    Norton crypto

    There's no such thing as an exKGB officer, and nobody would ever allow him to develop his company without the tight cooperation of internal organs... to say it in more precise vintage manner. Kaspersky is banned for usage in our government organizations, as advised by MoD. Knowing the mentality...
  9. Ferrum Master

    Norton crypto

    Introduce? What if it was theirs from beginning. I support the the idea that most of viral/trojan codes was and is made by antivirus companies itself, especially Kaspersky.
  10. Ferrum Master

    Sega, another savior in the realms of the End Times, stepping up to the plate in all its glory

    Yo Aniki, :roll: You are also forgetting Persona series too... But Yakuza series are pretty much done. I really don't like Like Dragon one...
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    The Power of AI Arrives in Upcoming NVIDIA Game-Ready Driver Release with Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR)

    This is the only and ultimate way of getting proper AA without ill side effects like shimmering, vaseline smearing etc... especially if the game doesn't support any of it.
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    Access Advance Announces the Initial Group of VVC/H.266 Video Patent Pool Licensors

    Meanwhile in a bar with Amazon, Apple, Meta, Google, Samsung offering AV1 looks more real to get much wider support. Imho qualcomm also skipped h266 aceleration... soo...
  13. Ferrum Master

    Phison Awarded World's First SD Association's SVP Verification for its SD Express Storage Solution

    IMHO those are only paper launches without any real product.
  14. Ferrum Master

    WEROCK Announces Rugged Rockbook X130 Notebook

    Render looks weird. The RJ45 and serial connector size... stretched?
  15. Ferrum Master

    TOPPING E50 DAC + L50 Amplifier Stack

    There the thing, that I trust Amir with his experience and gear more than any sticker on something, that's more likely just a sticker and nobody bats an eye in those labs even without powering up the units, just like WHQL drivers are being stamped. The only devices getting serious attention are...