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    Spilled coffe on my GPU, please help!

    Funny advisers... if the coffee had sugar you can rub the isopropyl alcohol in your chair. It will not dissolve sugar. Only water does it. Distilled water and hot ultrasonic bath. It is the only way. Then bake for 24 hours in the oven at 100-125C or do it longer at lower temperature, to prevent...
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    Spilled coffe on my GPU, please help!

    with sugar or not?
  3. Ferrum Master

    Neo Forza eSports NFP075 1 TB

    Have you found any sort of datasheet for the NAND IC's? What tech node it is based of and what kind of limits it has? I have a feeling the Chinese themselves don't know the TWB limit for those.
  4. Ferrum Master

    XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector

    Why this exists for example like for comparison with LG PF50KA or ViewSonic M2, what's the catch?
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    Multi Camera Production Made Easy - Elgato Launches Cam Link Pro

    Aye, I mistook for the acceptable input. Well at least MS2109 based ones.
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    Multi Camera Production Made Easy - Elgato Launches Cam Link Pro

    1080p60 actually... I use the UVC dongle to hook up my Sony Alpha for video calls. Well it kinda works, the lag is there, but you can cope with that, but the image compression is a on a turd quality level, but for online meetings it is great... I can use to to attach camera to my phone to use...
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    Digital (spdif) output port activation for any Realtek and maybe other Chip.

    You should try Linux first. Ie ALSA mixer, it should reveal all configurations. For hooking up a SPDIF optical transmitter you need only one additional cap near the transmitter supply pins. Other than that, directly from the HDA IC. There are some ICs that had two SPDIF outputs, remembering the...
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    Razer Viper 8K

    Do you believe in those snake oil cables too? OK, cutting the crap, nobody does understand what polling really is then. The base BUS protocol frequency remains the same 2.4GHz here with all USB IF mechanisms taking place. How fast you trigger the interrupts on the CPU does not matter signal...
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    Razer Viper 8K

    The is no need to do additional shielding for 8KHz polling atop 2.4GHz base signal... cut the philosophy in the end about the cable. They just overdid it.
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    Microsoft Tests Colorful New System Icons for Windows 10

    VISTA once again?
  11. Ferrum Master

    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    It is a hardware or BIOS problem. Boot up linux and see for yourself, do not blame drivers here.
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    AMD Fixes Intermittent USB Connectivity Issues on 500 Series Chipsets, BIOS Update Arrives in April

    Gosh... VIA, SIS, Cyrix I feel old now... I have not seen any errata free datasheet actually for any of those hubs, bridges etc... Basically what is the fuss? They both have had issues. It is hard to top Intel i820 MTH fiasco tho... But other than that, disabled SATAs and on X79 comes as last...
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    MSI Promotes Their RTX 3080 GE76 Raider Laptop For Cryptocurrency Mining

    The basic idea is to break Covid rules an go visiting your friends, and hey I need to charge my laptop... so you can mine on their electricity bill? Then dudes call out, your laptop is damn loud... yeah sure...
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    Scythe Announces Mugen 5 Black Edition CPU cooler

    Well saying that most of us here are males, well I think so, no data to backup that. How about those Russian courtesan(being polite) sites then? Well it matches the same pattern. So why not? It is only natural, ain't it? It is just being unpolite, that is it. You have to consider all opinions...
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    Nicehash Ad on TPU main site

    Ok... even to me it seems you are trolling... Is it OK that RX6900 costs 2K Euro or RTX3090 3.5K Euro? And what caused it? It costs for a price of a used car. Don't you think people are unpleased with that and pouring more salt like telling I dont get this weirdness is simply trolling...