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    TPU's F@H Team

    wooohoo im back , just fired up folding for the first time in over 7 years
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    Show off your WCG farm

    messy working on a case and sleeving a psu atm :) should look alot better the next few weeks
  4. (FIH) The Don

    A Detailed Look Into PSUs

    imho you are one of the best psu reviewers out there, keep up the good work :)
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  6. (FIH) The Don

    S775 vs X58 PPD?

    the heat and power draw from the x58 isnt worth it imo, but thats me
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    Der CaseMeister :hail:

    Der CaseMeister :hail:
  8. (FIH) The Don

    S775 vs X58 PPD?

    think i was close to 3k on my 9450Q @4ghz
  9. (FIH) The Don

    S775 vs X58 PPD?

    oh no x58 lol
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    S775 vs X58 PPD?

    i did around 4k a day while playing games and oc to 3.8
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    yay 1.3 lol, will keep it running over winter, still need to fix my watercooling to get it to 100% instead of 70%
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    yup, gotta throw in 50$ though, but considering our prices on hw, thats not bad
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    might just get a 3770k instead of the i5, should do a better job
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    almost 1000 pages :twitch:
  15. (FIH) The Don

    D-Link Announces New Wireless-N PoE Outdoor Access Point

    whats the effective range?