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    Windows won't run updates.

    Thinking about it, i have too much usefull software, I had to call you guys up and see if there is anyway I can save it.
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Read the instructions, did it, still no success. Found another clue that would help you guys to help me get to the bottom of this: Even if I click Restore Defaults, it says the same. Also, no Windows Update in my Services.
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Couldn't identify the problem. XD Helpful. XD
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Anyone had this issue before, that can help me resolve it? Something to do with the Firewall not turning on properly.
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    Got this board off a friend, brand new, never used. Anybody has any info on it, because I couldn't find any on the internet? Here is a pic from the mobo as well:
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    GTX 460 good for modern gaming?

    To be honest, even that GTX460 is better than nothing. Most ESport games will run ok on it, and you can get some BF and COD action on it. Maybe a bit Crysis and some other shooters. Dont hate on a man that has no budget to work with, he does what he can and what he gets it is good for him. Do...
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    BF1 Crashing Constantly

    When i turn on BF1 and try to load in a game, i get a freeze and then a DX error saying: " GPU must have more than 1GB of VRam". Im using an R9 280x 3GB and i played BF1 before but after update it keeps doing this. Opinions and solutions are welcome.
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    How much RAM does a PC need for games?

    Ill give a simple guide on how i look at RAM ammount needed for games and productivity: 8GB or less - 1080p gaming and light work 8GB - 16GB - 1440p and moderate work 16GB - 32GB - 4K gaming and heavy work 32GB+ - Server workloads
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    Ok so a little diging around the trusted Internet told me that Intel XTU only works with Core Gen 2 or above for the readings so basicly i cant tell you anything besides temp and usage.
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    I believe i have a crappy version of gt 520.. and i can't install any driver from nvidia official

    Wait a minute? GF119? That isnt a Fermi Card? Maybe try and use GT620 drivers and see if they work. The GeForce GT 620 (OEM) card is a rebranded GeForce GT 520. Source: Wikipedia
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    Finished basement, wireless not reaching several areas

    No password security feature beats my MAC Security feature. Guests have to give me their MAC IDs to have access to my cheap TP LINK which covers my 105 cubick meters apartment, placed in the center of it. For my own standard 50$ to 100$ is the sweet spot for routhers depending on your own needs.
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    Believe me, im still clueless as to what the hell is going on with this system, i truly am, and as iritating as it can be, i just didnt want to waste anymore time going back and forth with you guys. You were so much helpfull in getting the final workaround on this issue. Now ill have to do some...
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    Final settings: CPU: 3.1Ghz, 156 bus speed, x19 multiplier. Idk what to say at this point, my I5 750 althow same architecture and same tcase temp (72.7 as sugested by Intel) could clock higher and keep higher temps (in the 80s) without downclocking. Im starting to guess my board is going to...
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    Ok so I'm back, and I've been doing some testing, and ill explain what i did and what settings I used: 1. XMP profile with RAM bumped up to 1866mhz. 2. Turbo Boost disabled (with SpeedStep, C1 and CStates disabled as well), (keep this in mind) 3. CPU tested with Bus Speed of 156, and with 3...
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    Just finished a stock run on Intel XTU, max boost was 2.9Ghz and no downclocks, nothing, kept going the whole time with temp sitting around 50C at load. I think i should reset the CMOS on this board and do a flash on older BIOS, and then back to the newest one, it is somehow buggy, using Turbo...