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    Sad Story (with a happy end)

    Thanks for the comments and opinions on this guys, really apreciate it. First, i like to adress the motherboard. I know it is not the best choice overall, but i wanted something with PCI G4, and support for more than one M.2 SSD which this board has. Also, the VRM and chipset issue, within a...
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    Sad Story (with a happy end)

    Hello, people of the TechPowerUp community Recently my Intel Xeon X3460 was retired since the board that i got (Asus P7P55D) went "kaput" and the SouthBridge just quit working, making the board useless and thus far, having to retire the CPU. But luckly for me, the IT company that i work in now...
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    HDMI Volume Boost

    Since i got my new MSI MAG241C, i've been using the HDMI audio out of the monitor to my Steel Series Arctis 1. Now i know the HDMI signal is weak to drive these headphones, but is there any way i can boost that? I'm thinking of ordering this: Eu Plug,Ha400 Ultra-Compact 4 Channels Mini Audio...
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    Thoughts and opinions on my build (Part 1)

    Thank you guys for thw feedback on this post, it was important to see what you guys think on this project pc that i put together. My last part has arrived and it is installed (did it yesterday, allong with a strip down of the entire chasis and some rewiring). Ill post some pictures when i get...
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    Thoughts and opinions on my build (Part 1)

    Hello members of the Tech Power Up Community It has been a while since I've posted something on this forum and there is a reason for that. Most of the time I am at work at my new workplace (working as an IT Sales Specialist) and working on my PC. So since I'm going to be more active in the...
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    Overclocking My X3460

    Anyone here has experience in overclocking 1st gen i7s or Xeons, need some advice? Want to reach 4ghz on my Xeon. My pc is listed in my profile.
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    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    My X3460 overclocked to 3.8Ghz
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Thinking about it, i have too much usefull software, I had to call you guys up and see if there is anyway I can save it.
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Read the instructions, did it, still no success. Found another clue that would help you guys to help me get to the bottom of this: Even if I click Restore Defaults, it says the same. Also, no Windows Update in my Services.
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Couldn't identify the problem. XD Helpful. XD
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    Windows won't run updates.

    Anyone had this issue before, that can help me resolve it? Something to do with the Firewall not turning on properly.
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    Got this board off a friend, brand new, never used. Anybody has any info on it, because I couldn't find any on the internet? Here is a pic from the mobo as well:
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    GTX 460 good for modern gaming?

    To be honest, even that GTX460 is better than nothing. Most ESport games will run ok on it, and you can get some BF and COD action on it. Maybe a bit Crysis and some other shooters. Dont hate on a man that has no budget to work with, he does what he can and what he gets it is good for him. Do...
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    BF1 Crashing Constantly

    When i turn on BF1 and try to load in a game, i get a freeze and then a DX error saying: " GPU must have more than 1GB of VRam". Im using an R9 280x 3GB and i played BF1 before but after update it keeps doing this. Opinions and solutions are welcome.
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    How much RAM does a PC need for games?

    Ill give a simple guide on how i look at RAM ammount needed for games and productivity: 8GB or less - 1080p gaming and light work 8GB - 16GB - 1440p and moderate work 16GB - 32GB - 4K gaming and heavy work 32GB+ - Server workloads