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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Espoo, FI, 1 Gig connection
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    Windows 10 Home OEM or Pro on old socket 775 system?

    How about linux mint for example?
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    AMD "Renoir" APU iGPU Configuration and Platform Spread Detailed

    Ryzen 7 APU? So that's at least 8 cores yeah? Fuck me that's amazing.
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    Full time Linux user and gamer?

    I don't know how you define light gamer but I have played games like Dark Souls, Sekiro and Metro Exodus on Linux in the past year. Works great!
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    Research Proposal - Socket AM4 - Heatsink Orientation

    New testing was posted yesterday
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    Wi-Fi adapter disappears with Clear Linux install

    Clear linux is really a development platform, not a daily use OS. Anyway check what your wifi hardware is and do a search, someone probably has a fix.
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    Ryzen 9 3900 early test

    Sounds like I might replace my 1700 non X after all... let's see.
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    Resolve audible GPU/mobo noise on external USB audio interface

    I would guess there is a layout issue with the motherboard. Can you try the audio interface on a different system?
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    BIOSTAR Lists unannounced AMD Ryzen 9 3900 Processor

    What's a clock frequency certification lol
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    [work log] Diy itx case, aka ikea case

    Pahoittelut. Kotelo näyttää hyvältä! What is the use case for your system? Mostly gaming or..?
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    obscure brand built

    I hope you didn't pay money for that system. Good luck!
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    AMD 1700 with a 5700 XT

    Yeah probably. I'm running a 1700 with Vega64 and not looking to upgrade yet.
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    Haven't built in a decade - clueless where to start. Advice greatly appreciated!

    It's a good thing Intel never had issues... oh wait.