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    ASRock to Launch Hyper Quad M.2 PCIe 4.0 Expansion Card

    TRX40? They have 64 PCIe lanes. The ASRock TRX40 Creator can run in 16x+16x+8x mode, so you can have a GPU in the 16x and 8x slots and this in another 16x slot. Might be useful to have for video editors that need lots of fast storage i guess.
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    Xtrfy M4

    I do believe it was finalmouse that started it, the model O was definitely not the first. Finalmouse had the UL and the UL pro, and the air58
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    Bitspower Leviathan SF 360 Radiator

    Whats the difference between these radiators and just buying the OEM rads from someplace like PPCS?
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    U.S. Hikes Tariffs on Electronics Imports from China by 2.5 Times

    We need them to need our fking grain, if they don't then rip thousands of jobs, as china's one of our largest exporters.
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    Alphacool Announces Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII M01

    Alphacool is usually pretty good, but on their VPP755, if you use pastel liquids (EK,Mayhems, TT's ripoff, Swiftech), it will void your warranty, and they added that only after they found out that it would damage the pump, and they won't reimburse ppl. Cheap pumps tho, personally i like...