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    Intel X599 Chipset to Drive 28-core HEDT+ Platform

    Oh, let's see who can get that legendary 5GHz@28cores first.
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    Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

    Now intel finally realizes what a stupid idea it is to rip 1/4 of the L3 cache out of non-HT models. It causes total disaster in product segmentation when 6-core and 8-core are introduced. It seems they run out of time to change it in this generation.
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    QA Consultants Determines AMD's Most Stable Graphics Drivers in the Industry

    Seems like bullshit to me "Mission-critical test", so you just (randomly) grab newest drivers from both side? You'd be fired if you do such bullshit on a corporate server. The configuration of a production environment is strictly controlled in every corporation. Configurations must be intensely...
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    NVIDIA GV102 Prototype Board With GDDR6 Spotted, Up to 525 W Power Delivery. GTX 1180 Ti?

    150×3+75=525(W) Peak Power Though, it is not a good estimation on test samples, because there is nothing to stop you from drawing power beyond specifications.
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    Intel Shelves Z390 Express As We Knew It, Could Re-brand Z370 as Z390

    That is perhaps not the most brilliant theory I've ever heard. A much more likely explanation is that, Intel spied to know that AMD axed their X490, and in great relief, canceled their 14nm Z390, which had already been caught in a great production mess.
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    Noctua Introduces Quiet CPU Coolers for LGA3647 Intel Xeon Platforms

    Well, another piece of evidence. Intel is definitely going to launch its HEDT LGA3647 platform..... It is not something you will see every day when Intel go into such a hurry that they didn't have the time for socket-inventing or socket-transposing.
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    Intel Processors Hit by "Lazy FP State Restore" Vulnerability

    Smell of ignorance there. Do you keep a clear account of how many optimizing features Intel kept?
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    Intel Readying 22-core LGA2066 and 8-core LGA1151 Processors

    For your Information, Intel used to solder their HEDT chips before Skylake-X. And just in the Skylake-X generation, they replaced the soldering with TIMs, along with a core bump from 10 to 18 simultaneously.
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    G.Skill Memory Achieves DDR4-5543 and Thirteen Other OC Records

    Well, that's easy, if [a Bulldozer-ish core with ridiculous pipeline design accompanied by GDDR-like RAM with insane prefetch] is acceptable.
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    Intel's 28-core HEDT Processor a Panic Reaction to 32-core Threadripper

    I thought "dishonest" refers to that Intel photoshoped their clockspeeds or cheated on their CB score. It seems quite easy to dishonestify someone just by an improper demonstration. They never said 5GHz is their base clock either. If someone can convict by what "people thought", well.......
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    Initial AMD Technical Assessment of CTS Labs Research

    Don't expect too much of administrative privileige. Admin priv can't do everything, but a Secure Processor/Management Engine can.
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    Next Major Windows 10 Update Named "Spring Creators Update"

    I'm so eager for this release, for the Windows Subsystem for Linux bug fixes. And I can't understand why you have to upgrade entire Windows or kick in Insider, just to upgrade WSL or Edge. This is stupid.
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    AMD Ryzen 2000 Series "Pinnacle Ridge" Roadmap Leaked

    There are SEVERE INDISCREPENCIES in figure 2, in which it claims 2400G & 2200G to have 10MB cache. But in reality, those chips only have 6MB of cache. If these were real AMD slides, then they should be charged as commercial FRAUD. I doubt the credibility of this leak, or someone in AMD is real nut.
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    Mobile Coffee Lake CPU Scores Rear Their Head on Geekbench

    No, Intel only guarantees a sustainable all-core 2.2GHz. And the highest possible sustainable all-core should be around like 3.8-3.9GHz. Your milage may vary anywhere between those values, depending on your system's cooling capability.
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    SEC Warns Tech Execs Not to Trade Stock When Investigating Security Flaws

    In retrospect, Mr. Krzanich's decision seems to be pretty bad, because the stock price got even higher after the reveal of the vulnerabilities.