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    AMD Zen 2 Offers a 13% IPC Gain over Zen+, 16% over Zen 1

    Although I personally welcome this change (damn, it seems I can finally consider Ryzen in my next computation rig), but scientific workload doesn't tell us anything about games. And people in the HPC field don't use the term 'IPC' for a reason. Why would some workload be called as 'scientific'...
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    AMD "Zen" Does Support FMA4, Just Not Exposed

    OH NO MY GOD, btarunr, STOP THIS NONSENSE PLEASE. There's wiki out there that explains the difference between 4 operand and 3 operand. FMA4 and FMA3 they all just do one job, compute 'd=a*b+c'. The only difference is that FMA4 stores result 'd' in a new register which is specified in the...
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    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    Good troll. I mean, real good. I've never tried to troll in this way before.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Overclocked to 6.9 GHz On All Cores - With LN2

    5.3G@1.4V That's some serious overclock claim. How did Intel manage to squeeze that out of their endless 14++++++++++ processes?
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    Intel CFO and Interim CEO Writes an Open Letter on Processor Supply

    PC euthusiasts are minority, remember that. Don't assume everyone to be expert in PC. And heck, some shitty games stutter on Ryzen, if you are ever open-minded to hear actual feedbacks from Ryzen users. Someone have to be brain-dead to let PC noobs, who can barely insert pictures in Word, to...
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    Intel At Least 5 Years Behind TSMC and May Never Catch Up: Analyst

    Well, that a dog bite a man is no news, but that a man bite a dog will make it all the way to the headlines. Now we see our journalist friend and analyst friend set out to bite.
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    Intel Processor Supply Issues to Persist Till 2H-2019: Compal President

    How hard could it be? Well what about you design a 5W Y-series for AMD? What about you improve that shitload power consumption of Raven Ridge for AMD? U/Y series priority , did you read the article?
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    Clues Gather Regarding Possible New AMD Polaris (Re)Revision Launch

    Radeon Graphics: Inter than Intel
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    NVIDIA Announces Tesla T4 Tensor Core GPU

    Ya, you just trolled on a scientific jargon that is quite fundamental in neural network AI field. A neural network AI = training model&algorithm + inferencing algorithm. Now you called the second part BS.
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    NVIDIA Announces Tesla T4 Tensor Core GPU

    Real intriguing, seems to be a TU104 cutdown. Cut from 48 SM to 40 SM, 6 GPC to 5 GPC. What's the point? Oh 75W TDP, super-binned I see. @btarunr You seemed to forget to mention the memory side of things.:confused:
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    AMD CEO Speaks with Jim Cramer About the "Secret Sauce" Behind its Giant-Killing Spree

    Actually, nope. Throughput on paper is one thing, actual throughput in real-world workload is another (cache-miss, warp latency, etc). Run some dgemm test on both cards you will see. Not to mention CUDA and its tool chain are much easier to use. The only problem is that NV compute card with...
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    More Clarity on 9th Gen Core Processor Pricing Emerges

    I strongly recommend you to download CS:GO first, or whatever esport game. I haven't seen such absurd comment in years.
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    More Clarity on 9th Gen Core Processor Pricing Emerges

    By refering to "high fps gaming", he means E-sport titles (CS:GO etc.) with high-refresh-rate (120/144Hz) monitor. He should have clarified it earlier to you. For this kind of game, CPU and memory are limiting factors.
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    TSMC to Build Intel 14nm Processors and Chipsets

    This conclusion really LMAO, as you may have already found out. Is it THAT HARD to admit that the demand for Intel 14nm has skyrockted? Truth is, 1. Demand is rising, like it or not. It's golden time for their sales department now, and they will probably have another record revenue this...
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    TSMC to Build Intel 14nm Processors and Chipsets

    So this shortage is really serious. A few years ago Intel was hyper-worried that its 14nm would be in severe capacity excesses. Now it turns out 5 generations of 14nm has turned it into severe shortages instead.