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    Fractal Design Ion+ Series 760 W

    What's the difference between that review here and the THG's one?
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    Swiftech H240 X3 AIO

    Man, I looked this chart and I don't know to where to see. Okay, H240 X3 got 87 degrees while Dark Rock Pro 4, 88 °C. The point is, at what noise, fan speed or whatever do they get that? Just because, if DRP4 is quieter or the same in terms og noise than H240X3, so, exept for the size...
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    Scythe Ninja 5

    Right here is a true CPU cooler test taking into consideration the ratio between noise and performance: https://nl.hardware.info/reviews/8139/9/dit-zijn-de-beste-cpu-koelers-lucht-en-waterkoelers-voor-elk-budget-testresultaten-luchtkoelers See how Ninja 5 shines against the opponents. Please...
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    Lian Li Lancool One Digital

    Are there any other case with the possibility to put two 120mm fans over the PSU cover?
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    Team Group T-Force Night Hawk Legend RGB DDR4-3200 CL14 2x8GB

    Does the software read ICs temperature?
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    Scythe Ninja 5

    Most coolers reviews (and cases too) are useless for whom care about noise/perf ratio. I miss SPCR (silentpcreviews.com) reviews. It is very difficult by that review to figure whether the cooler is so bad as the reviewer satates. I have a feeling it is terrific on the only thing that matters...
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    Biostar Racing Z370GT6

    Great job, but I miss review about fan control hysteresis on most of reviews around.
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    ASRock Z370 Taichi

    I'm kind of sad to know that. However, if the losses of performance is negligible at x8, at least would the Optane 900p have a bit of performance increase due to take direct link to the CPU instead of PCH? I think I did not get you well. If you are meaning to search whether Optane 900p have...
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    ASRock Z370 Taichi

    If I put an Intel Optane 900p PCIe x4 form on the last PCIe x16 (@ x4), will the first PCIe x16 work at just x8?