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  1. Fleurious

    Team Group Delta RGB SSD 250 GB

    Woulda kinda be neat for for PCI-E based SSDs to glow from red to orange to white as their tempeature increases.
  2. Fleurious

    Samsung Receives the Environmental Product Declaration Certificate for 512Gb V-NAND and 860 EVO 4TB SSD

    To honour this prestigious award they’ve decided to increase memory prices.
  3. Fleurious

    Ninox Astrum Mouse Comes in 13 Variants with One Purchase, Crowdfunding Starts on Friday

    That was the best mouse/trackball I ever used. If they made it again and put a scroll wheel where the upper white button is I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. Fleurious

    Noctua Showcases Next-Generation CPU Coolers at Computex 2018

    Very happy with my NH-D15S, performance is in line with the price. Bit on the heavy side though.
  5. Fleurious

    Star Citizen Introduces $27,000 Legatus Pack for the Elite

    Is this package really worth the bad publicity they are going to get over it?
  6. Fleurious

    Samsung, Micron, and Hynix Accused of DRAM Price Fixing

    Better increase RAM prices to pay for their defence.
  7. Fleurious

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz

    Looks like a great CPU. For me it’s a toss up with the i5 8400 and will be decided by the chipset/platform features.
  8. Fleurious

    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    Moar cores! is great and all but I hope we don’t see a regression in single/low threaded performance through reduced clocks/etc...
  9. Fleurious

    4K Ultra HD Monitors with 144 Hz Refresh-rate and G-SYNC HDR Start Being Available

    It’s nice to see progress on the display front, but damn those prices are too rich for my blood. $.$ I thought i was crazy for giving the Alienware AW3418DW serious consideration. If it wasn’t curved i probably would have bought it.
  10. Fleurious

    NVIDIA Waves Goodbye to Their Fermi Graphics Cards

    No complaints with my 570. It got replaced by a 780Ti but still lives in a hand-me-down computer. Hard to believe it’s been over 7 years.
  11. Fleurious

    Intel's 8-core Mainstream Coffee Lake-S Processor Spotted in the Wild?

    I’m sure Intel has test and validated that pigeon poop for the use cases of their processors :p.
  12. Fleurious

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Rears Its Head On Geekbench

    Looks promising. Hopefully there are some pleasent surprises with this line of CPUs.
  13. Fleurious

    CTS Labs Sent AMD and Other Companies a Research Package with Proof-of-Concept Code

    So refreshing to see the Oxford comma being used in an article. Also, regardless of their excuse, 24hrs notice before going public was a stupid decision.
  14. Fleurious

    NVIDIA P102-100 Cryptomining Graphic Card Surfaces

    I wonder how the heatsink would fare on a 1080ti if compatible. One would expect them to consider the card running full tilt 24/7 when speccing a thermal solution. Edit: They say it uses the TwinX2 cooler. Maybe that is their standard cooler for the 1080ti <shrug>.