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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    yup going to do a hard push this season last season was a lot of fun and I curious about these soul shards now. From what I have read they look good.
  2. flmatter

    Corsair RM850X 3,5,12v Channels Problem!

    Stop using Furmark there better programs for benching, heaven, valley and firestrike come to mind. So everything runs fine until you put a load on the gpu? IE,.... a game or bench marking? Browsing internet and such everything is good? It only crashes and black screens when you put a load on...
  3. flmatter

    What are you playing?

    I was looking forward to playing New World but apparently it got kicked to May of next year now. Heavy sigh....... On a side note, still playing CoD/Warzone, reinstalled Killing Floor 2. May update PoE and Wolcen over the weekend. Golf it and Deceit are pretty fun too. Hope everyone has a...
  4. flmatter

    My notebook started turning off for no apparent reason

    Your battery has given up the ghost. Buy a replacement battery if it has a replaceable one.
  5. flmatter

    What is better GPU

    Why not RX 590 ? Or is it more expensive where you are? Just asking...
  6. flmatter

    Franken-baby monitor build -- need help

    So as a parent I have a a couple of issues about what you said in the first post. But we are not here for parenting 101, it is your franken-build. Why not use one of THESE and choose one that has an app that lets you live view it anytime anywhere from your smartphone? The logitech one seems...
  7. flmatter

    need advice for a photo printer 200$ to a thousand. Buy local preferably.

    I would go with either Canon or Epson Pro. Make sure you buy the calibrating software too, I think Color Monki or Sypdr (spelled?) can do both your monitor and printer.
  8. flmatter

    Problem with bios or windows

    Have you tried booting with one stick of ram?
  9. flmatter

    Activision Introducing Call of Duty: Warzone Free-To-Play Battle Royale

    Don't come into my auto shop then, I use those as adverbs everyday
  10. flmatter

    Switching to a better Mobo help with lowering Ryzen 9 3900x CPU temps?

    As @Toothless stated changing mobo will not help. Custom water loop would be best to lower temps but I will let those with water loops chime in as I am still on air with a 2700...
  11. flmatter

    Bluetooth Problem

    I am echoing @delshay try using the receiver that came shipped with your KB. There could be a conflict between the built in one on your mobo and the keyboard. Product page shows it comes with one.
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    Activision Introducing Call of Duty: Warzone Free-To-Play Battle Royale

    Yes I have dropped my assault rifle build outs to favor more of a smg/sniper load out in warzone. I still run an AR in multi but only on certain maps. shipment/rust is smg/shotty everything else is pretty much smg/sniper or smg/marksman. I do have 2 builds for when I am feeling evil - M4...
  13. flmatter

    Looking for an mp3 player with high capacity or sd card slot

    This? It is expandable..... It is on Amazon as well not sure about availability across the pond
  14. flmatter

    Bluetooth headphones without any microphone.

    Audio-Technica ATH-M20x wired you can also check out Sony, Skullcandy and Bose. I think Sennhieser may have a pair too