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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    You get used to the resolution quite easy, even going back. Although I wouldn't want to go back from 1440p currently. I tried a 4k 28" monitor for a while, but frames were too low. Also I had to enlarge fonts in windows desktop, or else they were simply too small for my taste. A larger 4k screen...
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    NVIDIA: GeForce RTX 3080 Reviews Delayed, RTX 3070 Availability Confirmed

    You pay for the performance it delivers. And thusfar the rumours are it's faster than a 2080Ti, at a much lower price. So sure, next year by this time they have even better offerings, even more bang for your buck. As for now, this product seems to deliver what it says it will, upcoming reviews...
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    Will RTX 3080 be worth it with PCI-E 3.0?

    Obviously the 30 series is developed on pcie3.0. So while 4.0 would give even better results, albeit only marginally according to some leaks, it would be very strange if pcie 3.0 would bottleneck the 3000 cards from nvidia. As for the rest, had a gtx1080 with a 2600k which, according to many...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ampere Launching Before the RTX 3060?

    I believe I read somewhere they want to abandon the Ti scheme entirely. a super version would be more likely, but certainly not this year. It remains to be seen if they can supply the demand for the current cards that are launched in a week, let alone come with new models just one or two months...
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    Best motherboards for the intel core i9 9900k and a notua nhd15 combo?

    The 9900k is not that overclockable. Sure, most will do 5Ghz, but difference in performance is small. Btw, even the nhd15 will have trouble cooling efficient at 5Ghz. Throwing any stress test at it will see high 90's asap. It's a future proof cpu though. So yes, take the mid range board you can...
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    Battlefield V aim bots and wall hacks since beta

    That's right, it's an old hat already. Seen blatant cheaters since forever. They are not gonna stop it, and they are not gonna invest in a solid anti cheat system. They are gonna take your money, get you aggrevated, and take your money again and again. As for the paid cheats, those come with...
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    How can we specify the vcore and yet have adaptive voltage in asus z97 pro-gamer ?

    1.210 + 0.030 = 1.240. Which is close to that 1.250v you get in windows? Your psu can give more or less with an offset. So yes, trial and error to get to that vcore you need for your overclock. If you do 1.210 + 0.050 you could be around 1.270v. You have to test this though in windows, with...
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    New gpu for light gaming RX570/580

    True, and he games at 4k, which explains the benefit of the 8GB part.
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    Can't get this i7 2600k to budge when trying to oc

    Games nowadays benefit from HT. Besides some extra heat it's best to have it on. I also miss the required vcore in that list for 4.6Ghz? Never use auto for vcore though, the board will supply too much of it if left to auto. Especially p8p67 boards. Anyways, Internal PLL Overvoltage is for...
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    New gpu for light gaming RX570/580

    In all fairness,... I had a R9 390 8Gb. My eldest son has a 4670+290 4GB So I gave that 390 to my eldest son, he said: probably won't make a difference. Well, it did, or so he now claims. So is it the extra 4GB? Is it the 390 chip? Most likely not the latter. In any case, while not earthshaking...
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    Is this system bottlenecked?

    In gaming and productivity tasks, you have to ask the following questions to yourself, is my cpu upto the task in question? is my gpu upto the task in question? In simple terms, if your cpu can't handle it, your gpu won't bail you out either. So you can't be bottlenecked in any case. You can...
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    Should I replace my power supply?

    A new build, with an old psu, that doesn't match comfortably. Already mentioned, put it in a closet as a spare, and get a new psu for a new build. I use an old psu, but upgraded my system over the years many times. So when I finally go for a new build (probably 2019) I will get a new psu also...
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    Can't get this i7 2600k to budge when trying to oc

    No don't do that on a p8p67 board. I blew mine when I did this some years ago. Forced me to buy a p8z68 board, since it was too much hassle for me to get a new bios chip. As for speedstep, I have that set at 4500Mhz, multiplier on all cores=45. I need 1.300 vcore to be stable. I use an offset...
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    GTX 1070 Ti vs RTX 2070

    2070=slightly better than 1080=slightly better than 1070Ti. 2070 is indeed the better choice.
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    AMD 2600 headache

    The first psu damaged the motherboard when dying, the motherboard damaged the second psu when trying to boot from that. You exchanged it for another motherboard and tried to boot it with now 2 broken psu's. If your luck was real bad, one of the broken psu's could have damaged that second...