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    Global DRAM Revenue Down 30% in 3Q22—Unprecedented Since 2008 Financial Crisis

    I'm sitting on $9,000USD in spare cash. No debt. I've just scaled back my spending and dumped into savings because I don't see any need to upgrade anything I have right now. My PC does everything I need it to. Now if AMD were to make a product I want, then sure. I'll upgrade and spend...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 Series Processors Available to the DIY Market

    Seriously AMD... I know there is money there but at least put out a 16 core non-pro for the consumers who just need the lanes. Or get the board prices down?
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    Your PC ATM

    Ok. Guess I'll update what my PC looks like now.. after its teardown and rebuild. I've only ever posted a photo from the top in this thread I believe? Here's the full setup, including my pump/res setup which works GREAT in this case. Took these pics as I was doing a quick clean up of the...
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    Would you buy a 5000 series ThreadRipper if HEDT(non-pro) models were offered?

    I tend to use mine as both. I can, if needed.. push my 1900X up to 4.3Ghz all-core which is pretty good for a 1900X. For me, I just would prefer the memory expansion options of Threadripper. The X399 platform is amazing, still.. to this day. I enjoy having 32GB of relatively high speed, low...
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    Would you buy a 5000 series ThreadRipper if HEDT(non-pro) models were offered?

    I am still running the X399/1900X. Once it became clear X399 died as a platform and AMD stopped supporting it, I decided not to jump to a 1950/2950X unless it was a good price. I also wish AMD would sell a system builder packaged kit. Not everyone wants a retail packaged product. Less waste...
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    AMD "Navi 31" Rumored to Feature 384-bit GDDR6 Memory Interface

    I really wish they would go back to HBM2* for their high end GPUs. Less power consumed, smaller PCBs which means less demand on PCB manufacturing.. Yes, its more expensive but hell, with the price of GPUs now on the high end.. We should be getting something like HBM for our money. lol I'm...
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    NVIDIA: Gamers Spend $300 More on Ampere GPUs Than Previous Generations

    100%. I am holding onto my Vega64 purely because of prices. They really don't know. They just know a GPU was purchased unless they sold direct to a mining outfit.
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    Your PC ATM

    But there is more to that- Yes, there are limits to how much in a given time period depending on the variables. Either way, my reference to you wasn't about the ionization stuff. it was more towards the algae growth and biologics that grow in a loop that doesn't use distilled water. :-p
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    Your PC ATM

    Based on my experience- using water that isn't distilled WILL damage the loop. Thats the only time I've seen it happen and do severe damage. I learned the hard way. I used "purified but de-mineralized water" with a biocide. USE DISTILLED. lol Also, water will pick up metals over time. It'd take...
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    Your PC ATM

    I am just gonna say it- I am glad I am not the only one who uses zip ties. lol. I'd hit up an auto parts store for some black small ones to blend in with the tubing.
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    Anyone else disappointed with the AMD 3D-Vcache reveal?

    Maybe they are just testing the water with the 5800X3D? If it does well, maybe they'll do a 5950X3D? AM4 isn't a dead platform yet given the price of DDR5 and the price bumps on the AM5 platform due to it being new. Especially if they are retaining it on the 7nm process. Isn't AM5 stuff supposed...
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    AMD and GlobalFoundries Renew Wafer Supply Agreement

    They should still be making 2nd Gen Threadrippers using GloFo too btw.. ;-)
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    Ubisoft deletes "inactive" accounts!

    "Ubi officials, however, flatly insist whatever happened in Tor’s case isn’t normal and that it has never deleted any account that hasn’t been logged into in less than four years. The company also says any account that has a purchased game tied to it, would also not be up for closure at all."...
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Well, I'll be updating to it tomorrow maybe. Depends how well I feel. lol. Currently sick. NO.. its not COVID. lol. I am hoping they did some bug fixes too. A simple one is the voltage setting for the main CPU volt rail. Set it to manual and it defaults to 1.6V no matter what setting you set...
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Your post made me check Gigabyte for BIOS update for my board.. and sure enough there is a new update. 11-30-2021...