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    Crossfire - any benefit?

    Yours explicitly said it was dead. The others were either, expressing their distaste with it or explaining why it didn't work for their situations. Which I felt didn't need a direct response. Crossfire and SLI aren't dead in the sense you are describing. Its just matured and gotten closer to...
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    Crossfire - any benefit?

    Its not dead. The only support that was officially dropped was "Profile Based" support from the GPU manufacturers. If the game devs want to support it at the API level then they are free to do so. Hence why Vulkan and DX12 support it pretty well in general now.
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    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Liquid Cooled Edition Now On Sale in Europe

    OK. Now they can offer it at MSRP to original owners with proof of purchase- Vega64 Liquid cards... Shit, I still have my box even.
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    What PSUs do you buy??....

    My first choice is Seasonic. I am still running a Seasonic X-Series 850W KM3. Runs like a champ and still has GREAT voltage regulation. Go it in 2016 I believe for $69 shipped brand new from Newegg. Can't get that lucky anymore on pricing. lol. Second is Super Flower. I know the brand. Not...
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    Truck Full of EVGA Graphics Cards Gets Stolen in California

    Depends on the state. Truckers here I know for a FACT carry. Not to protect their loads but themselves. However, some I am sure will do both. Some states just have dumb laws on certain things. As for the OP- If any are registered, If the person that bought it genuinely didn't know it was stolen...
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    AMD Readies MI250X Compute Accelerator with 110 CUs and 128 GB HBM2E

    Not by much anymore with the yield increases Samsung has gotten on HBM2 Aquabolt. We are looking at around $150-160 for 2x 4GB HBM2 stacks including the interposer. If we are gonna be paying premium prices for GPUs going forward, we should damn well be getting something for it. Smaller cards...
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    AMD Readies MI250X Compute Accelerator with 110 CUs and 128 GB HBM2E

    Slightly. Vega64's made with Samsung HBM2 is rated for 1,000Mhz. Just downclocked to 945Mhz. I think he is just referring to the flagship cards. 6900XT, 6800XT. Those cards. HBM2 Aquabolt would suffice and allow for lower power consumption and smaller PCBs. (thereby reducing e-waste in the...
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    AMD Readies MI250X Compute Accelerator with 110 CUs and 128 GB HBM2E

    I'm still rocking my HBM2 equipped graphics card. lol. 525GB/s bandwidth isn't bad for just 2 stacks of HBM2. Oh and.. its kept COOL. under 45C at all times.
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    Vega owners club

    Yep. Every Seasonic I've had has been 12.2V or higher. Better to be slightly higher than slightly lower. Less amperage going through the wires. lol Ah, mine is KM3. Doesn't have those capacitors on the cables like the KM2 version did.
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    Vega owners club

    If its anything like my X series it should be around 12.33V (12.25V @ 40% load) And yes, folks.. still in the club..
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    I don't have a retail copy of AIDA so... Trial version it is... I am impressed by how far Ryzen has come compared to where it was. My system is a prime example of that.
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    ASUS and Noctua Announce ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua Edition Graphics Card

    But repairable. Something you can buy without jumping through hoops.
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    Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake Series Packaging Leaked

    I really wish CPU manufacturers would stop shipping CPUs in these big ass boxes. Sell a retail model without the cooler, but keep the full retail warranty, on online sites like Newegg. In todays world, we need to shave as much wasted space off shipping and resources in packaging as we can on...
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    Rare Earth Metal Prices Are Skyrocketing, Electronics Prices Expected To Follow

    Not all of us. ;-) In my lifetime, I've only ever had 4 cell phones. I ran my Note 5 for 4 years. Plan on running my Note 10+ for another 2-3 years+. My carrier is trying to get my dad to upgrade his phone to a 5G phone but.. we don't need a 5G phone. 5G will never be deployed in my area so...
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    Have you ever experienced a power supply failure?

    Yes. ActivePFC failed on a Seasonic S12-550W 80Plus PSU. Didn't take anything with it. PSU was.. 9 years old at time of failure.