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    Bethesda Bringing Fallout 76, Rage 2, Doom Eternal, and Wolfenstein Games to Steam

    Great to see them adding them to steam, I look forward to getting rage 2!
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    A few questions about Memory OC and Ryzen speed

    I mean if you just bought that system from a shop, hopefully you can return the ram and get some better sticks that will actually run at their rated speed on your 2700 lol.
  3. FR@NK

    A few questions about Memory OC and Ryzen speed

    You really need to get some samsung b sticks.
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    Evga x299 Dark or Asus ROG rampage VI extreme

    Yeah I went with the Apex. I really need to delid and setup a custom water loop.
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    EK-Vardar 140mm Furious vs Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000

    The noctua is a better fan. I have the 120mm version of that fan and it moves alot of air with very little noise.
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    Multiple sharp resolutions on a LCD-screen ?

    Nope. Software has evolved to support multiple resolutions.
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    Initial AMD Technical Assessment of CTS Labs Research

    For the masterkey exploit the system could be infected with a malware bios before the system is even delivered to the end user...even before the OS is installed; so you dont need admin access to compromise these systems. Anyone who might have physical access to the system at any time during...
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    CTS-Labs Responds to a TechPowerUp Technical Questionnaire

    Intel chipsets don't have any AsMedia vulnerabilities! But some motherboards manufacturers add an AsMedia chip to their intel platform boards but you cant blame intel for that. Blame falls on AsMedia and the motherboard manufacturer. Whereas AMD is being targeted because AMD's chipset has the...
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    AMD to Build "Zen 2" and "Zen 3" Processors on 7 nm Process: CTO

    "Roadmap Subject to Change." But dont let that stop the hype train...
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    It needs a better tutorial for combat and maybe the default controls needs to be adjusted. Anyone got any suggestions? I like the game so far but wouldnt recommend it at its current $60 price. The frame rate is all over the place but the game still feels really smooth.
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    I have joined the dark (pretty light) side

    See if you can turn off the "AA" post code readout after booting is complete.
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    Is that cpu to pcie8pin or normal pcie 8pin extention?

    Thats a 8pin cpu to dual 6pin PCIe. It would work fine if you needed the extra 6pin connectors and you had a spare 8pin. Contact the seller and have him send you the correct cable.
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    Corsair H70 not seated properly?

    Could be something running in the background that causes a quick load spike. Check your temps while running a stress test.
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    Antifreezer + Destilliert Water

    Thats what I used years ago when I had a custom loop. I'm sure there are better fluids to use these days.
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    Ryzen 1800x OR Intel Core i7 3770k

    8700k would be better for gaming compared to the i9 CPUs.