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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Was just at newegg a little while ago looking at stuff I wouldn’t buy until I came across 1 of 4 5600X in stock sold and shipped by them.. so I had to grab one :D Wasnt planning on that so she might make me sell the 3600XT.. but she’s sleeping like a baby right now so probably not ;) Now I...
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    NVME questions

    Its just an old habit from when 64gb SSDs were a thing. Every time it crashes it can leave up half a gb worth of logs and gibberish.. do that a few times and you have a few gb of logs that I don't need because I know why it crashed. Either something I did in the bios, or running the GPU too fast...
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    Share your AIDA 64 cache and memory benchmark here

    I thought they would have given 1T support with the move to DDR3.. bummer. I have RF X48 but only DDR2.. I was always curious about that.
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    NVME questions

    This is why I disabled the page file to begin with, was to reduce writes. If it blue screams its usually because of something I did in the bios. I am just a casual user with no high end software installed. I am ok with 16GB of ram, 32GB is way overkill for me, I'm just in it for the performance...
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    Adding 2 new Ram Sticks, stability

    I don't have the numbers like that, I wasn't arguing at all., just being a bit of a smart ass I guess.. sorry! I would not count out your experience as irrelevant because I use everyone's feedback in my consideration for purchases. I don't know everything, that's why I come to you folks :)
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    Adding 2 new Ram Sticks, stability

    Well.. it does mean one thing.. You didn't buy Corsair :D I had a good set of Dominators once. I still have them, pretty sure they don't work though.
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    Geekbench 5

    I made two runs, stock, and all core oc.. I don't have it logged but judging by the score the all @ stock was around 4400-4450 or so.
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    Get a 750W Corsair HX750 (80+Plat) or 850W Seasonic Focucs GX (80+ Gold) for my build?

    The Seasonic calculator seems ok. Though every time you choose a 3080 it pairs you up with their 850s :laugh: Maybe I should have went with that GX-850 after all :D
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    Adding 2 new Ram Sticks, stability

    I like G.Skill too. Been using them since the DDR2 days, though not entirely exclusively. I do have to say I am really impressed with my Royal 3200C14 sticks. A little annoyed they wont run 3600 12-12-12- stable with 1.6v but cant win em all I reckon. I've had good ones and average one from...
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    Nvidia's profiteering ...Double the profits while torturing their customers

    If they don't want my money that's up to them. But because I have an old GPU that means I wont be buying any new games because what's the point? If I don't buy new games I cant spread the hype about it or my new GPU lol. If I decide that this hobby isn't for me because it isn't worth the price...
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    Your PC ATM

    I should snap a photo of the snake pit behind my TV :laugh:
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    Quad channel RAM?

    I am aiming for a 3070 or 3080, and my son will probably end up getting some cheap ram :D Edit: Looking at Typhoon burner everything is identical except 1 number, is 4 on my Royals and 6 on my B+W's. DOCP works though I don't use it. The Royals are a much better bin if you are into tweaking...
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    Quad channel RAM?

    You still pick up a little performance with 4 sticks. Whether or not its worth it is up to you.. I am not sure its worth it for the price tbh. I am running four sticks, but two are for my sons rig when its built..
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    RTX 3080 power supply requirements - 850W?

    The Focus Plus and Prime Ultra were the units with 30 series problems were they not? I was under the impression the new Focus and Prime no longer had the issue.. I would get the GX if the price is the same.
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    2700X high temps with ARO M14 cooler

    It looks like it rocked back a little before he mounted. It’s weird that it’s like that because that cooler is AM4 only.