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    Microsoft has locked me out of my own pc

    I traded my probably illegitimate Win 7 key for a Win 10 key when MS was offering that trade way back when. I no longer have the key, but their 'new' key is tied to my email account. I usually don't have a problem with activation, but if I do I restore from a backup and it accepts my new board...
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    PC related hardware purchase that you regret very quickly after purchase.

    For me, it was the Toledo 4200+ CPU. I already had a nice Abit board, had a nice Asus board, had a Sandy 3700, had a Toledo 4400.. but that 4200 was supposed to be an awesome overclocker according to reviews at the time. Lost my Abit board pushing it, then my Neo 480 lost a rail with a pop and...
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    Your PC ATM

    Lol.. even my fans are Thermalright, minus the stock ones up front :) They do make a pretty good AIO though, I can see the appeal.. but in a case like this everything else suffers with it installed. And these fans are rigid.. very pleased with this setup..
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    Your PC ATM

    Back to air cooling.. the cpu doesn’t notice, and the rest of my system is happier now that it can breathe..
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    Leaving 4070 Ti Super OC at full boost clock during certain applications

    I just let mine use what it wants.. 1.1v gets me 2955 @ F@H, and just over 3GHz in game. Mems are set to 1466 which gives me like 1497 or something.. something.. not at home atm :D
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    Leaving 4070 Ti Super OC at full boost clock during certain applications

    Nah. Why .950 though? Temp related maybe?
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    Variations beyween 7800X3D CPUs

    Isn't it still like back in the day? The best cores come from the center of the wafer, the closer you get to the edge is where the lower grade silicon is? That's how I understood it.
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    DFI Launches COM Express Mini Type 10 Module with Intel Atom x7000RE

    This is definitely the old DFI, but not the overclocking kind.
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    Noctua desk fan

    But the quality bro..
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    Attaboy! The force has always been strong within you :rockout:
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    Post your Cinebench R23 Score

    Not even in the top 20 :confused: :confused: Overclocking, overclocking, and much more! Like overclocking. (hwbot.org)
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    The Official Thermal Interface Material thread

    Me too. I have seen TIM break down in the past, maybe that is what they are seeing.. but I am reaching waaay back.
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    Ryzen 5800X3D stock slowly getting depleted?

    I think it comes down to tuning, and the tuners ability personally. Also, Zen 2 behaves much differently than Zen 3 does in just about every aspect. Thinking back to my 3600XT is all.. I ran this for you yesterday before I dropped my X3D back in. Just wanted to show what the CPU (5900X) can...
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    [POLL] What is your main browser (excluding mobile/cell phone browsers)

    Somehow the developer beta is opened to the public, either that or someone messed up..
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    [POLL] What is your main browser (excluding mobile/cell phone browsers)

    iOS 18 is pretty decent, I have been using it since the start of beta 1. I should have got the bigger screen :D