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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Tested on Cheap B350 Motherboard

    @W1zzard You should really use a k-type thermocouple thermometer and not a FLIR camera for measuring electronics temperatures. The FLIR can be affected by all types of emissivity and reflectivity issues with heatsinks and metals used in and around the component you're trying to measure. Many...
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    EVGA's Gargantuan SuperNova 2200W P2 Can Jumpstart Your Pickup Truck

    It is, however, more amps than most alternators. A 5.7L V8 on a new American pickup only puts out ~150A at 12V.
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    ** Urgent ** Need advice for GPU purchase about to happen today

    I've got my HIS 290X on RMA at the moment (bad vram), and I wasn't able to get my IGP to work either. For what it's worth, Intel lists the maximum supported resolution as 1920x1200 for the HD 3000. Hypothetically, there is enough bandwidth on a single link for 1440p @ 30Hz, but I know of no way...
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    ** Urgent ** Need advice for GPU purchase about to happen today

    I have a similar 1440p monitor, and it depends if it has a built in scaler or not. Does this monitor have an OSD? (If so, any old display port to DVI adapter should do you, though single link DVI should work at reduced resolution in that case). If not, you're going to need an expensive active DP...
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    Noctua Unveils Two New Slim A-series Fans

    Yeah, I was just thinking "That's not white it's non-dyed." I hope they don't put it out like that as it seriously conflicts with their quality image.
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    Microsoft Selects Dolby Audio for Windows 10

    This sounds to me like they're trying to create a standard way to stream surround in a browser. Netflix can do it in the browser because they worked it out themselves (in Silverlight), but Youtube for example still only supports stereo in their streams. By paying for the Dolby license...
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    be quiet! Pure Rock

    AMD memory in an Intel board made me giggle. :D
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    AMD "Zen" A Monolithic Core Design

    Not to get anybody's hopes dashed, but the instant I read "16 cores" and "current process" I immediately assumed we're looking at a game console/server-esque sub-2GHz bulk process affair. This just sounds like a double-sized, updated PS4 APU.
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    Vibe Therapy Meridian

    It was a hilarious gag, but now that we're sober again ya'll should probably knock it off the front page. Just leave it up in the forums or wherever. :D
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    GIGABYTE X99, Z97 and H97 Series Motherboards Ready for Intel SSD 750 Series

    Probably for it to be bootable.
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    MSI to Release the H87I AC Mini-ITX Motherboard

    It's the difference between 2 and 3 MIMO. If 802.11n is anything to go by, the desktop equipment will be overwhelmingly two-antennae parts. As to why, only the motherboard OEMs can say for sure, but if I had to guess, I would bet it has to do with the fact that antennae cannot be integrated in a...
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.7 Released

    Perhaps a pop-out option for the sensors tab?
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    AMD A10-7700K "Kaveri" De-lidded

    This is what I was getting at. If they use crap TP and it hurts overclocking, this will only affect people with no interest in de-lidding or replacing the TIM every 6 months. I suppose it makes no difference to stock performance.
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    AMD A10-7700K "Kaveri" De-lidded

    I think he was referring to Doh, can't read. The switch from solder to paste is very unfortunate, IMO, because this only hurts the kind of people who are buying APUs in the first place: mainstream and budget. And btw, the LGA 775 P4s had already switched to the vent slot. The hole was only for...
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    What kind of keyboard do you use?

    You can get reproduction Model M's now. A company called Unicomp inherited the rights are are remaking them (edit: they now come in USB): http://pckeyboard.com/page/category/Classic