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  • well, Ive got some wi-fi analyser apps on my S3 to make sure i pick the right channel, got some 9dBi Antennas from TP-Link from a left over project and generally speaking I get about 60-70% signal from where i sit so I dont think i'll have much of a problem.

    Im trying to find the spec/datasheet on how powerful my current edixmax repeater/extender is so i can compare them but i cant seem to dig up any solid info on broadcast strength and stuff like that. as for the SR20000G, Do want, but its way out of my price range - not that i need half of the features on it that are being advertised.
    thing is you have to have a stable signal to repeat a stable signal. also you gotta make sure you don't communicate on a congested channel as well. this goes for all brands and not just amped. repeaters are very missunderstood devices. i got way better coverage with it then my netgear (however I tested the SR20000G and not the SR10000) and the coverage was awesome.
    Ooo we are talking WW2 planes. I just came in to say, as your avatar proves, there is such a thing as "too big". :p
    They are on pretty equal footing honestly. Top speed is only about 15MPH difference and what the Spitfire has in climb the Mustang makes up in Dive and endurance (range). In all honestly they were built for two VERY different jobs. One was an escort. The other an interceptor. P38L would kick both of them in the nuts anyway so what does it matter? lol
    P-38 was a beast. Its also one of my favorite. Germans called her the "Fork Tailed Devil". I also love the P-51 despite its British engine. lol
    I am familiarized with Minxy's breasts...
    Alas, size does not equal quality. ;)
    if the price is reasonable i'll pay it now via paypal... can you give some pictures of 5850 mate. if possible. cheers!
    Hi, are you able to hit 4ghz on Q9550 stable? Im not stable @ Intel BurnTest Maximum for 5 runs :(. Only stable @ 3.82 as well.
    whereabouts, im also sorta north, well in harrow actually. where do you live?
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