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  1. Frick

    What are you playing?

    I just suck at dodging I guess. I have allthem things. The vampire knifes do so little damage compared to The Chaingun.
  2. Frick

    Forum upgrade complete

    Now I'm a Networking Master, which is so far from the truth it almost hurts.
  3. Frick

    What are you playing?

    Steve is posting C# Aurora like there's no tomorrow, so soon hopefully I'll play that. In the meantime, I just got some lava waders for Terraria. THe problem is I can't seem to figure out how to get past the Lunatic Cultist, which is annoying. I have the supposedly most powerful stuff in the...
  4. Frick

    Various AMD Ryzen "Raven Ridge" Models Put Through 3DMark

    Still behind the top Raven ridge though. And as you say, the Iris Pro CPUs cost so much I don't really count them for anything.
  5. Frick

    Various AMD Ryzen "Raven Ridge" Models Put Through 3DMark

    Won't happen, but I'm hoping for a ~125W part (previous APUs topped out there). Should be good, if it happens.
  6. Frick

    Someone make this app please

    Email dude.
  7. Frick

    Crazy GPU prices, will we ever see an end to it?

    What if you just want one card? Also, it seems to be a highly localized problem. In Sweden it's the stocks that is the problem afaik. Why would that make you an asshole? I say do eeeet.
  8. Frick

    AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Smokes Core i5-8400 at iGPU Performance

    130W or bust. It'd probably be a bit expensive though... But iirc their previous gens had APUs in that power range. Should be a very decent all around performer.
  9. Frick

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Also Stellaris. But it might be a bad time to get into it as it'll soon get a major overhaul.
  10. Frick

    Windows 10 can we talk?

    So what OS does have imaginitive artistic values in its icons? And "Idiocracy lives" is a term only used by aholes and - strangely enough - idiots.
  11. Frick

    So how long did you get from your last mouse?

    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 has been working fine for many years now.
  12. Frick

    Windows 10 can we talk?

    Without having read all the posts I don't really see the issue. It's not like Windows 7 was much clearer, just different.
  13. Frick

    AMD Reveals Specs of Ryzen 2000G "Raven Ridge" APUs

    Aye, it' the one tech I actually would have cared about. Looking forward to reviews!
  14. Frick

    Should owners of processors affected by security problems receive compensation?

    Yes, but only if applied to whomever sold it to me.
  15. Frick

    Emulation vs. real console

    Console, but emulation is easier by far.