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    decent cooling paste

    Arctic Silver 5, Arctic Cooling MX-2, Arctic Cooling MX-3, Gelid Solutions GC-2, and Gelid GC-Extreme are all fairly good thermal pastes.
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    Gordon Freeman needs your help!

    ^Haha, awesome. I too voted for Gordon Freeman.
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    Prolimatech Revises Megahalems CPU Cooler

    I have a 4 pound hunk of copper (TRUE Copper) on my motherboard, and after nearly a month of use still no warping. Although I am upgrading to a Megahalems which should be here in a week or two.
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    [WTB][US] TRUE Copper

    Brand new, and in stock. I'd sell you mine, but I like it too much. Link:http://www.heatsinkfactory.com/thermalright-true-copper-ultra-120-extreme-cpu-cooler.html
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    Core i5 Overclocking and Feedback

    No they still have it in stock at the time of me posting this message. Link: http://www.heatsinkfactory.com/prolimatech-intel-socket-1156-adapter-kit.html
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    AMD Juniper Early Specs Surface

    An overclocked 4770 will outperform a 4850.. so we should expect performance of a 5770 somewhere between a 4870, and a 4890(?????). Not a bad buy if it's roughly 4890 performance. Not a good buy if less than a 4870.
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    new build advice i5/i7

    2x2GB of good RAM (something capable of C7 or C8 at 1600MHz), i5/i7 processor of your choice, and the MSI GD 80. or save up some cash and go Core i7, and X58.
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    AMD Radeon HD 5870 1 GB GDDR5

    Nice. A bit quicker than the 4870X2, and consumes a lot less power. I might pick a 5870 when I build my computer in December.
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    FCC to propose 'Net neutrality' rules

    Interesting to say the least. {personal rant} Unfortunately GCI, and this local company I know of will still suck regardless. 600ms+ ping For the LOSE! {end personal rant}
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    Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62

    Seems to be a bit lacking compared to the old K7B, and other Metal Boned Series.
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    Have you had your RROD today?

    It was 105-115F in the house for most of the summer. Outside temp isn't bad, but this house I live in downright sucks. On topic with the thread: this seems to confirm MS reports of over half of Xbox 360s failing over time.
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    Have you had your RROD today?

    Actually it can get 90+ (F) degrees here in the summer, and in a house without air conditioning the heat sucks. In the winter the house stays around 70-75F.
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    Have you had your RROD today?

    My Xbox 360 hasn't died on me yet, and it's an early '05-'06 model. *Knock on wood* I didn't make any modifications to my Xbox 360 either.
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Gets Revised

    I was not referring to the size of the cooler. I was referring to the small revision of the TRUE 120. The TRUE 120 rev. B is nice, but it's no reason to upgrade if you already have a good cooling setup.
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Gets Revised

    Sweet! A new [small] revision on a badass cooler, but I still see no reason to change mine out yet.