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    JOLED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Samsung

    Not bad when it comes to picture, bad not better than the "non-dedicated yellow channel" tvs next to it. without the eco system supporting it, as useful as using a 85 in UHD HDR display to run a 100y old B/W silent movie.
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    JOLED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Samsung

    @R-T-B Hisense is using their panels, but Sharp sued them for something because the quality was worse than what they told them it would be (or something like that). @bug was a great idea, but dead on arrival, as no video signal has/had a dedicated yellow channel, meaning it was "made up" rather...
  3. Fry178

    JOLED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Samsung

    They filed in Germany as well, and courts over there usually dont like BS law suits, they have enough to deal with neighbor vs neighbor crap :D samsung hasnt provided sony with screens for a while, and im glad. highest rate of problems, even worse compared to the time they used Sharp.
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    Ol' Beastie's lofty adventures ~~ and tabascosauz's boring keyboards

    @tabascosauz u got so much inside on pc hw, yet you leave cords coiled/bundled up (magnetic fields anyone)? :rolleyes: @Caring1 most MSI gaming are getting the lowest temps for aircooled cards, yet they exhaust their air to board/case (sidepanel) as well, outside a blower style card having...
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    Aluminium foil instead of thermal pad? Never heard of K5 PRO?

    @taitogr improper installation/application does NOT equal the "item" itself being useless. the problem is how its put together, not really the material itself. as long as i would be able to do multiple layers (alu) without any air, would you still say its not good to use? same for thermal paste...
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    Which is the best fan configuration for Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL??

    @Remonell especially for ryzen having a bigger rad wont improve temps much, as heat transfer from cpu to water is the limiting factor. running the same setup with a 240 rad and heavily throttled silent fans (500 rpm) mounted on the side (no warm case air going thru it) got me the same temps i...
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    any cheap dust filter mesh ideas that I can custom cut to size but buy in a cheap roll?

    All the things you can do will only limit amount of dust, so i would rather get an air filter. Any 20 in box fan with a furnace filter (merv 10 or higher) attached will remove almost all dust from the room. Not only less inside the case/on the filters, but also less dust you will breath in as...
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    Help me build my father a computer

    Funny how ppl say "wait" (please make a sticker for your fridge, with tech you can always "wait" for something new), or want to waste money where its not needed (past 1080p an intel is mainly for e-pen measurement, unless you play FPS shooters on a competitive pvp level), nor is intel less...
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    LG Launches 38WN95C-W Monitor: 38" Nano IPS, QHD+, 144 Hz - 170 Hz, 1 ms, Adaptive-Sync, 2300R, VESA DisplayHDR 600

    lol at that price ill rather get a 49/55X900H, which is native 120 and has VRR, color gamut and calibrated out of the box its even decent for editing (consumer) stuff. and turning off most processing when gaming, does reduce input lag to what i had on a 60Hz moni i had a few years back.
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    APC Battery backup Dead. Need new battery or just dead?

    yes, should have incl voltage/amps/Ah, so used to mayching those i just forgot. my stepfather had a gm dealership/repair shop/gas station in germany, i worked at couple of auto parts stores in germany and over here, all would replace a battery that would not keep its charge only once, even if...
  11. Fry178

    Looking for good on all the time backup drive?

    Why raid? just use one drive as a back, then use sw to clone the drive regularly. i just dont like the idea of having to deal with a raid when it comes to issues/data loss.
  12. Fry178

    APC Battery backup Dead. Need new battery or just dead?

    @davidm71 yes, any battery with identical plus/port layout and shape/size (so it fits inside the UPS) will work. if you know someone that works at company/gov place where they have UPS, see if they can order you one. i had APC ones costing the same as if i ordered no-name replacements online...
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    APC Battery backup Dead. Need new battery or just dead?

    lipos are mainly used for having lots of current/high density ratio. wiki since there arent many deep cycle batteries that fit a UPS (and the ones that do usually cost about 100$ a piece), and lipos can handle the sudden/high power draw as well as the cycling (battery charge dropping below 95%)...
  14. Fry178

    APC Battery backup Dead. Need new battery or just dead?

    Probably the fan for cooling it. As long as you wont use battery power much, the batteries last almost forever (if kept charged). lead batteries are called "starter" batteries for a reason, they dont like to be discharged/cycled so its basically "start" the device and then get charged right...
  15. Fry178

    Looking for a good placeholder card

    Wouldn't make much sense unless you really get a lot more for it. you will lose money selling the replacement, and of course the next card will probably not be cheaper either. maybe a cheap 1070 hybrid? i had a couple of different cards/brands, tested multiple setups (case/fan layout), and the...