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    [GPU-Z Test Build] Fixed Installer for Winget

    High DPI displays have a second major advantage: superior in eye-pleasing, eye-friendly sharpness. So overall I love 27'' in 4K. For office and gaming! But that is enough OT. A 3-display setup needs some (extra) space... For my taste, one display is sufficient.
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    [GPU-Z Test Build] Fixed Installer for Winget

    No, I use a 27'' high DPI 4K display, therefor windows and all apps can only be used ergonomically with a proper scaling of 150 or 175 %. In the past, GPU-Z failed being properly scaled. Don't ask me to use a 40'' or even larger display with a pc. Because all modern smartphones are using even...
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    [GPU-Z Test Build] Fixed Installer for Winget

    Confirmed. And second - you fixed the gui scaling problem. Thanks. Picture is a snapshot from 4K with 175 % scaling.
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    High DPI-GUI-Scaling issues

    I use Windows 10 / 11 in 4K with 175 % scaling. Most APPs are scaling properly. Not GPU-Z (look above @ picture). Is it possible in the near future, that the GUI of GPU-Z will be redone (by erasing the hardcoded / fixed gui-elements...) for better scaling compatibility? 4K displays and their...