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    Microsoft to Introduce Telemetry Data Viewer for Windows

    MS them selves have said it would be almost impossible to completely disable W10 telemetry as it is built in to the kernel. Can't find that article right now. There are apps like O&O Shut Up and such that can partially disable tracking but that's not all.
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    Microsoft to Introduce Telemetry Data Viewer for Windows

    Let me to turn it off, not show me what's being collected...
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    Which OS you prefer

    Firefox Quantum is quite a bit faster but Celeron N2820 still struggles to play Youtube videos at 1080p. CPU usage went down noticably but playback doesn't feel smooth at all. It looks like it's just skipping frames. Just uncomparable to W10+Edge. It's fairly easy to get HW accelerated video...
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    Rocket Labs secretly launches a man-made star

    Not coming anywhere near Ireland for the next 2048 hours...
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    How long are you getting from your PSU?

    CX500M since 2010 and still running. Thinking to replace it though.
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    Windows 7 32 bit clean install

    Amount of RAM also matters, everyone forgot about hibernation file. It can be turned off by typing in CMD "powercfg - h off".
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    AMD Cancels Implicit Primitive Shader Driver Support

    So in other words, AMD finally realized that miners do not care about shaders after all :D
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    Techspot: Nvidia asks retailers to limit sales to miners

    One credit card = 1 graphics card in two week period. Actual gamers don't buy a new card every day. With regulations like this in place, even a family with 6 PC's at home could buy 6 graphics cards in just 6 weeks (assuming they have 2 credit cards).
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    Metro 2033 fails to work on windows 10!

    Since I'm yet to find a game that doesn't work on W10 i just gave a quick go for Bioshock 2. Seems to work just fine, didn't even have to enable compatibility mode or anything else. Just out of curiosity, how many game DVD's have you destroyed? :)
  10. FYFI13

    Metro 2033 fails to work on windows 10!

    Both Metro games working perfectly on my Windows 10 gaming rig. Didn't have to do anything else then click and play. It seems your Windows installation is borked up.
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    AMD Reveals Specs of Ryzen 2000G "Raven Ridge" APUs

    Wait, no HBM on these?
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    Which OS you prefer

    - Laptop: Been using Arch for a long time, now switched to Ubuntu 17.10 (Gnome DE) for better compatibility with Steam. Also less headaches after updates. KDE looks better but there are Bluetooth related issues that can kill any sound outputs for good. - On my gaming rig still using Windows 10...
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    Should owners of processors affected by security problems receive compensation?

    The only customers that deserve full refund are Coffee Lake owners as Intel already knew about about issues before the release. Everyone else, including myself gonna have to get over it. Sh*t happens.
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    Win7 System Image on USB Thumb Drive = NO?

    This one is godsent, works everytime and you have more back up options. Native Windows Backup & Restore tool tends to fail quite often, I don't like it.
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    Any plans to include PUBG in GPU and CPU stuff?

    You can't be serious? On new map I get stable 120 FPS in open areas and about 90 FPS in towns, at 1440p. It's an open world game with 100 chickens running on it. My CPU is almost 4 years old and graphics card not the highest end either. When i launch Arma 3 after playing PUBG my eyes starts...