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    Activision Blizzard Pulls Out of NVIDIA GeForce Now Game Streaming Service

    People should understand that Activision/Blizzard is no longer a consumer friendly company. We need to stop buying their stuff. Let the company die and a new one take their place. GeforceNow is actually free. Please do some research before making comments.
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    Warcraft III: Reforged is the World's Worst User-Reviewed Videogame

    How about doing just a little research before writing an article on a topic that you know nothing about. Read the complaints before making blanket statements.
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    VMWare Updates Licensing Model, Setting 32-Core Limit per License

    It's not some conspiracy. People are going to just get one socket or two sockets instead or two and four socket servers since AMD is offering so much cores in one socket. If I was running VMWare, I would be shtting my pants and saying, wtf my income is going to drop by half, potentially. I...
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    Curiously Named "Athlon Gold" Surfaces on Geekbench Database

    Why don't AMD just fire the marketing team and follow Intel's naming scheme for everything? It can save them even more money.
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    Torch The Competition With Seagate's FireCuda 520 PCIe Gen 4 Gaming SSD

    The storage companies have really slacked off getting in to the SSD business, trying to protect teh spinning disk business like how oil companies are trying to protect big oil. The memory makers and chip makers have really innovated in this field over these last 5 years while WD and Seagate have...
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    Thermalright Rolls Out AXP-90 Full Copper CPU Cooler

    Pointless if you can't buy it. I can't even find the AXP-100 that I wanted to buy. Wow that is so wrong.
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    Diablo IV Announced at BlizzCon 2019

    Whatever Blizzard. No one cares about your games anymore.
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    AMD Agesa ABBA with Boost Clock Fix Tested on Ryzen 3900X

    Yeah, a "bug". Amazing how complaints come in and then there's a fix. And part of the fix is raising the temp limit.
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    ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming Motherboard Starts Selling

    Yes. the youngins don't know the issues of motherboards with fans cooling the chipsets. My ABIT IC7-Max3 has fans for the chipset and the VRMs. Those small fans DIE.
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    Still waiting for USB-C to become the de facto display connection standard...

    USB-C 3.1 is not fast enough. You want to connect multiple 1440p+ monitors @ 144Hz or higher, and other USB devices in the hub? Good luck.
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    Alienware Announces the AW3420DW Monitor: 34" 4K, Nano Color IPS, 120 Hz, G-Sync

    People stop complaining about the 4K. TechPowerUp is the one putting 4K in the headline, not Alienware.
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    NVIDIA Fixes GeForce 436.02 Installer, No Longer Forces GeForce Experience Onto You

    ANyone have reviews for this driver release. I seemed to have lower performance in Remnant: From the Ashes after installing these drivers. It could be related to the just in time setting also. I turned that on.
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    Chinese Gamers to Finally Get Steam, Sort of

    Oh thank god. We don't need all the Chinese players throwing the stats off in Steam and the hardware surveys.
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    Alienware Announces the AW3420DW Monitor: 34" 4K, Nano Color IPS, 120 Hz, G-Sync

    Huh? This makes no sense. It's not 4K if it's 3440x1440. Also I have this monitor without the NanoIPS bullcrap! Everything else is the exact same thing. I only paid $850 so I don't see how this is $1500. It must be really be the 4K wide-screen version (5120×2160 )? Or TechPowerUp is incorrect...