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    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    You can also use NewPipe which is an open source app which works like a Youtube app but without ads
  2. GenericAMDFan

    Huawei Unveils the MateBook X Pro and MediaPad M5 Series

    This Tablet has no headphone jack ... let that sink in.
  3. GenericAMDFan

    Microsoft to Introduce Telemetry Data Viewer for Windows

    Can you give any examples of this ? In the absence of any evidence to the contary we have to assume you're just talking out of your ass. I'm also not fond of anecdotes that have been posted here I want a comparsion. How often did Win 10 have a major bug or what is the crash ratio between them...
  4. GenericAMDFan

    Denuvo Responds to 4.8 Bypass with Updated 5.0 Protection

    It took months until they cracked ACO so the quickly is probably wrong.
  5. GenericAMDFan

    Rambus Announces Their High-Performance GDDR6 PHY Solution

    yes they sustain themselves by suing other companies.
  6. GenericAMDFan

    Samsung 860 EVO SSD Makes an Appearance

    The 850 Pro uses MLC NAND though these ones here use TLC NAND. The question is how did they improve their TLC NAND so much that it has 8x better endurance.
  7. GenericAMDFan

    SK Hynix Marks its 8Gb GDDR6 Memory Chips "Available" in Latest Catalog Update

    2GB is too much for you ? What world are you living in ?:laugh: don't forget the xx80 TI. I would be severly disappointed if not even the xx80s got 16GB :(
  8. GenericAMDFan

    Adding Insult to Injury: Fake Spectre, Meltdown Patch Pushes Malware to Users

    time to update the definitions of your common sense :laugh:
  9. GenericAMDFan

    Hack Like It's 1998: Sites Still Vulnerable to Revived ROBOT Exploit

    That's just not realistic. see: https://blog.cloudflare.com/why-tls-1-3-isnt-in-browsers-yet/
  10. GenericAMDFan

    Intel Chip Flaw Meltdown Prompts Company Reorganization, Internal Security Group

    I hope their first move is to remove the Intel MEI otherwise it's just gonna cause more trouble in the future.
  11. GenericAMDFan

    AMD Reveals CPU, Graphics 2018-2020 Roadmap at CES

    Why is the former considered awkward ? Just cause it isn't using an AMD GPU ? I personally wouldn't buy an AMD GPU but I don't consider AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU awkward.
  12. GenericAMDFan

    Intel Aware of CPU Flaws Before CEO Brian Krzanich Planned $24M Stock Sale

    It beats communism/socialism that's for sure, unless you like some authority figure taking away your money. Just ask the average north korean.
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    AMD Updates on AMD Processor Security Status

    It's a good time to upgrade to AMD
  14. GenericAMDFan

    AMD Will Fix Adrenalin Driver Game Incompatibility Issues After All

    I mean the AMD employee literally said they weren't gonna fix it so it wasn't really an overreaction. It's good though that they've realised what a big mistake this was I hope the guy gets fired.