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    ASRock Outs Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S Motherboard

    You know that if you don't overclock the motherboard will run any supported CPU just fine right?
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    Samsung Announces Breakthrough in Building Blocks of 3nm Circuits, Updates Roadmap

    When I see news like this I think that the level of technology we are achieving is mind blowing. wishing to be able to live as long as possible to see future achievements... but at the same time realizing that there are people still killing each other over religions.
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    Intel Puts Out Benchmarks Showing Minimal Performance Impact of MDS Mitigation

    I would say that almost 20% less performance in certain scenarios is not "minimal".
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    Intel to Move 3D XPoint Memory Manufacturing to China

    So other companies moves out of China in fear of US trade war... but Intel does the opposite... mkay!
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    BIOSTAR Racing X570GT8 Zen 2 Motherboard Pictured and Detailed

    A fan on the motherboard chipset? No thank you, that will rattle like crazy in a couple of years and be not replaceable because of the custom implementation.
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    ASRock Releases Next-gen AMD CPU BIOS Updates for Socket AM4 Motherboards

    What am I going to do with that "if"? If my grandpa had 3 balls it would have been a pinball machine...
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    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    Not necessarily, I believe the main reason is to help unsavvy customer to better identify their product with the other brand range, as they did with CPUs Ryzen 3 - 5 - 7... it makes it easier to compare prices too.
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    Marvell to Acquire AQuantia for Approximately $452 Million

    How many superheroes does AQuantia have in their universe?
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    What's the most interesting mid-range card for you?

    To let the world learn that assumptions are generally a bad thing :D
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    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    Exactly! Some people are evidently bad at math or something... Anyway lets hope for the consumers sake that AMD has a decent product. And if someone wish AMD to fail just because he is an nVidia "follower", he is a complete R _ _ _ _ D!
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Says They'd Stop Hunting for Exclusives if Steam Matched Epic Games Store in Comission Rates

    "Steam keys that Valve provides"? I believe you got it all backwards...
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    Jon Peddie Research: 20 Million Shift from PC Gaming to Console Gaming by 2022

    I like to see how they will make your favorite console game without a PC :roll:
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    What's the most interesting mid-range card for you?

    Now the 1650 is out... and it would still be the RX570, due to price.:roll:
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    Intel 10nm Ice Lake to Quantitatively Debut Within 2019

    Hit a brick wall because they where sitting on their pedestal thinking "we got time..." while in reality they didn't! And I think you are missing his point. We are talking about the actual situation, Intel needs 10nm NOW, not in the long run.
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    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    Maybe read the article? "In a support e-mail to an X370 XPower Titanium owner, MSI confirmed that it will not extend Zen 2 support to AMD 300-series. " Just another brand that goes into the : don't buy list.