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    Blizzard and NZXT Introduce the H500 Overwatch Special Edition

    Overwatch in 2019, would've been a hit 3 years earlier.
  2. GlacierXD

    Logitech G Announces the 2019 MX518 Gaming Mouse

    It's been availible in China for at least 6 months and they are announcing it right now? ok? i guess?
  3. GlacierXD

    NVIDIA Readies GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Based on TU116, Sans RTX

    1660? weird name for a new released product.
  4. GlacierXD

    YESTON Releases Black, Purple Radeon RX 590 Game Ace

    This is genuinely not a bad-looking card.
  5. GlacierXD

    Aqua Computer Announces Kryographics NEXT Water Blocks for RTX 20-series

    Never expect this to come from a premium company like Aqua Computer. I'm kinda disappointed.
  6. GlacierXD

    Seasonic FOCUS PLUS PSUs Encounter GPU Compatibility Issues

    Well according to their official account on chinese socialmedia site weibo.com, you don't need to worry if you got a 650W power supply unit. The problem only addresses to 550W (or below) PSUs. But I have been running my Vega 64 with Focus+ 550W for like a year now and encountered no issue at all...
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    X2 Intros the PROTONIC ATX PC Chassis

    Looks like a cost-down version of LIAN LI O11D.
  8. GlacierXD

    Tesoro Launches GRAM Spectrum TKL Mechanical Keyboard on November 1, 2018

    Always been a fan of Gram series keyboards, great low profile design.
  9. GlacierXD

    EK-Velocity CPU Water Block

    I don't get your point. I don't think Watercool has any product with a LCD screen, you are probably refering Aquacomputer which does provide some "handy" LCD screens. Xtremerigs have tested basicly all TR4 blocks in that round-up, and Heatkiller did get the prize for it. Also from my own...
  10. GlacierXD


    None of those could even compares to the regular C7, not even mentiong the cooper or the even better graphene version of it. This is the single best low profile cooler out there, there's just no doubt about it.
  11. GlacierXD

    EK-Velocity CPU Water Block

    Uhhh, not RGB again. EKWB should srsly focus more on performance rather than expanding their RGB lineup. I'd rather just keep buying Heatkiller blocks which do a better job at cooling than "showing off this flashy RGB design".
  12. GlacierXD

    Extravagant Intel Core i9-9900K Packaging Pictured

    More than ugly in my opinion, especially comparing to AMD threadripper lineup.
  13. GlacierXD

    CaseLabs Withers Away After Losing PR Battle to Thermaltake

    Obvious excuse. It was their poor management and questionable pricing strategy that caused the company to bankruptcy, not this Bull**** "rising price of aluminum".
  14. GlacierXD

    MSI Announces New Range of AMD B450 Chipset Motherboards

    No Titanium/Arctiv variant, I'm somewhat disappointed.