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    Post your Cinebench R23 Score

    Not the best silicon sample, but not terrible
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    NVIDIA GeForce 472.12 Game Ready Drivers with Windows 11 Support Released

    Given how contentious the mining/GPU shortage situation has been, I seriously doubt they would purposely insert that into the driver without full disclosure. I just tested on an early (pre-LHR) 3080 and it's just the same hash rate as usual. Given that ETH will be unprofitable to mine with GPU's...
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    AsRock Z370 Extreme4 Beta BIOS with C.A.M support

    Updated BIOS for Z370 Extreme4 - some users were having problems with the one in my OP. Here's the link to the AsRock page, new 4.21(B) version at very bottom of BIOS page: ASRock > Z370 Extreme4
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    MSI Releases Resizable BAR Support BIOS Updates

    Why would you flash a BIOS without reading if it was compatible with your GPU? It's not going to be a problem, and your system will work just fine. It just won't allow your GPU to use the feature. RTX 2000 series not supported, here's an article from 'Tech Power Up' (this site): NVIDIA Details...
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    AsRock Z370 Extreme4 Beta BIOS with C.A.M support

    I'm sure they already have a beta BIOS version for your board. Just contact AsRock tech support and they will send you what they have. Of course, if you have an Nvidia 3000 series GPU, only the 3060ti has a vBIOS update available right now, with the 3080 and 3090 coming later this month. I would...
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    AsRock Z370 Extreme4 Beta BIOS with C.A.M support

    I got this today directly from AsRock support after putting in a ticket about support for my board. I am not installing it yet, since the list of games supported by Nvidia RTX3000 series is small and I do not play any of them. But for those who do, here's the BIOS to help you get more FPS. Happy...
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    NVIDIA Releases Game Ready 456.55 WHQL Driver With Improved Stability of RTX 3000 Series Cards, Support for Star Wars: Squadrons

    I got 3080 (Ventus OC edition) but seem to have been lucky with the silicon lottery and sits between 2010-2040Mhz on the original driver. No need to update until there's actual performance increases, which I expect will come given how new Ampere is.
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    BitFenix Introduces the Alchemy 3.0 ARGB GPU Bracket

    3 PCI slots? Basically if you have any other PCIe device (soundcard, USB card etc) this is a no go. There are plenty of options that don't take up any slots and will do the same job - but you don't get disco lights with them. I guess this will appeal to some.
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    Cooling system for i7-8086k (i7-8700k) @ 5.1-5.3 GHZ

    Nice - first time I have seen anyone put the VCCSA lower than the VCCIO. Anything else you messed with to make stable? Disable power states, speedshift/speedstep, VT-d? I'm still learning all the tricks of OC'ing and would love to learn more about what else in the BIOS is useful for fixed...
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    Cooling system for i7-8086k (i7-8700k) @ 5.1-5.3 GHZ

    Using AVX offset? 5.3ghz on all cores? VCCIO/VCCSA/VCPPL values? Fixed voltage or adaptive? If adaptive what is your base voltage and your offset? Great chip you have there. My 8086K (delidded) has been running for months at 5.2ghz all cores @1.36v with Corsair 150i Pro Max temps Prime 96...
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    Making Audio Enhancers Work on Windows

    Appreciate help just simply getting a working Realtek HD driver (ALC1220) for my AsRock Z370 Extreme4 intel board. Front panel audio is literally unusable - just constant distortion and feedback despite being connected to the motherboards "NE5532 Premium Headset Amplifier for Front Panel ". Not...
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    The Ultimate Realtek HD Audio Driver Mod for Windows 10

    Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before but I have my head spinning downloading drivers that ultimately don't resolve my issues! AsRock Z370 Extreme4 with ALC1220 NE5532 Premium Headset Amplifier for Front Panel This board/chipset combo seems to be plagued with audio issues (mostly popping...
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    NVIDIA: Don't Expect Base 20-Series Pricing to Be Available at Launch

    Sadly, I think you will be wrong. Pre-orders sold out within 24 hours worldwide.....so....... Only exception is if the cards don't performe 35-50% better (2080ti/2080) than the 10 series cards in current titles. Agreed that we are paying for RT which may not be ready at launch, but I think we...
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    NEW Unigine Valley Benchmark 1.0 Scores

    Not sure how you guys are getting some of these scores.....I'm running a i7 6700K @ 4.4Ghz and a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW at 2088Mhz. 32GB Corsair Veangence LPX @3200Mhz and nowhere near these scores. Any ideas on why? Running latest 376.33 driver, but no better with older ones such as 368.69/81 etc.