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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    Click on report after reading the information. Check at the bottom right.
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    B450 vs a320

    I would swap it, 99% of the time the lowest end B450 has better VRMs than any A320. Plus better CPU support, and overclocking as an option.
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    Anime Nation

    On the adaptations: Zero is great, Fate is terrible, Unlimited Blade Works has a strong start but a terrible second season, Heaven's Feel seems great so far. It would be great to have a Melty Blood adaptation, but first we need a Tsukihime anime that we never had.
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    Arm China Goes Rogue, Ex-CEO Blocking the Business

    Looks like Nvidia can now ask for a price reduction :roll:
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    Seagate Giveaway: Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB

    I need the Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB because I'm almost out of storage, and I've never had an SSD with DRAM. Thank you for the possibility, and good luck to all participants.
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    AM 2+ Biostar processor switch from Phenom to Phenon II AM3

    It took me a couple of tries too back in the day.
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    AM 2+ Biostar processor switch from Phenom to Phenon II AM3

    I've used that in the past, it should work. But still, why do you get wrong default clocks? ED: found it, of all the 790GX models, only this one supports X6 CPUs: https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=408#cpusupport Any other model only supports quad core Deneb ones.
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    AM 2+ Biostar processor switch from Phenom to Phenon II AM3

    TA790GX or TA760G? Because if it is the latter, it can only run 95W CPUs, and there are both 95 and 125W 1055Ts.
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    Intel to Clock "Rocket Lake-S" High, Evidence of an ES with 5.00 GHz Boost

    Stock water coolers incoming.
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    Anime Nation

    The problem with Carnival Phantasm is that to fully enjoy it you need to read (no anime adaptations are valid for this) Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero, Hollow Ataraxia, and Melty Blood. Which I did. And it was worth it.
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    Anime Nation

    I would do: Zero UBW The HF movies. And avoid Prism Illya like the plague. There are no good adaptations of FSN, the best way is to read the visual novel, but even then, the Fate route is just an introduction, to give most of the concepts that will be expanded in the other two routes. I have my...
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    XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop (Intel i7-9750H + GTX 1660 Ti)

    I demand a better picture of that wallpaper.
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    TechPowerUp and Montech Announce Summer Giveaway

    Continental US Good luck to the participants.