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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    hiya, yes he probably ran XP as a virtual PC in his Ubuntu. the software is called virtual box. you install virtual box and then install XP in the virtual box as a virtual PC. I wont be checking this site until next week.. .but to enable the cube...
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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    What graphics card do you have?? i know its nVidia, what model? you can go to nvidias site and download the driver from there.. or run a search on add/remove programs for nvidia. to get the cube... look through your add/remove programs for compfiz-fusion. Install it then. compfiz-fusion...
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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    hey man, there is no need for anti anti-virus or firewall on ubuntu. install WINE for microsoft office, or you can get crossover http://www.codeweavers.com/products/ this will run aload of windows applications for you.. the full list is available on their site. take down the live CD...
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    Firewall and Antivirus No Longer Working

    download and install malwarebytes anti-malware and run it.
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    TechPowerUp! Wishes You a Happy New Year!

    the girl in picture is avril lavigne. Happy new year guys!
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    new monitor 19-22"

    get the one on ebuyers that mikek75 has a link too.
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    Need help with something!!

    And its to tell everyone on TPU and all of the guests.... Merry Christmas!!!!!! Have a brillant Christmas and I hope everyone gets lots of cool hardware and toys!!! Cheers everyone!:toast:
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    Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

    so what they gonna call it now? world?
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    Help, my computer smells like shi*

    NEVER EVER open a PSU or a CRT monitor... you will do serious damage to yourself if you do.. .even if its turned off and unplugged from the mains!
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    Gigabyte 3D Aurora & HD4870X2??

    yes it will, but if arent using some of the CD/DVD drives then i think you can get a holder cage that u can put your hdd into it and it will slot into the space of a 5.25 drive. just an idea for you!
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    Gigabyte 3D Aurora & HD4870X2??

    hey, i have that exact same case and i have a Sapphire HD4870 and it bearly fits in, so i reckon you may have to remove the HDD cage to fit the HD4870X2.
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    A couple of questions regarding dual monitor setup

    Ultramon can put seperate wallpapers on each screen and a whole load of other stuff. I use it myself and it works a treat!
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    Pioneer Showcases Super Multi-Layer Disc

    she also has two purple socks, a wooden leg and 3 fillings in her teeth..... jeez!!!! :rolleyes: Would you kick her out of your bed???
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    RAM & XP Pro

    yeh your probably right, when i saw it i was like "wtf!! 4GB on a 32bit PC?? when did that happen???!" wonder what percentage of calls did OEM manufactorers get before and after the 4GB switch in SP1 was installed?
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    RAM & XP Pro

    vista ultimate 32bit with SP1 can see 4GB of RAM. I have a 4870 512MB card in as well... With XP Pro SP3 it sees 3.25GB. The PC is dual-booted. just my two-cents