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Aug 5, 2007
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, from Australia

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Jul 17, 2017
    1. Solaris17
      hahaha nice then ill return the favor :) though im not sure why people do but its cool maybe when im less tired it will be a kind of self asteem boost hahaha
    2. Solaris17
      sup bud? :)
    3. imperialreign
      well, there's always a highlight to everything . . . at least you don't have to worry about work-related stress as well.
    4. imperialreign
      yeah, I know - besides, 3yrs might seem like a long time, but it'll pass quicker than you think . . . hell, before you realize it, she'll be off to pre-school :toast:
    5. imperialreign
      dude . . . sorry to hear that . . . best of luck, man - hope she gets through fine! Just make sure to take everything one day at a time! :toast:
    6. imperialreign
      wtf happened to her?
    7. Widjaja
      The Xigmatek Backplate makes the CPU cooler work even better.
      My brother bought one because he hates the push pins.
      He didn't expect such a reduction in heat.

      His E8600 was doing just fine at 4Ghz without the blackplate but even better with.

      I'll probably be getting a 640GB WD Black sometime soon.
      320GB HDDs aren't much anymore.

      As for the Earthquake, yeah I did notice a small one a couple of days ago I think.
    8. Solaris17
    9. imperialreign
      s'alright . . . been busy as hell at work :ohwell:
    10. Widjaja
      The expo was lame.
      My work collegue has been to these expos before and this was the worst one he had even to.
      He was pretty depressed about it all and had to have a few drinks afterwards.
      The best display IMO was MSI.
      Only reason is the fact they had everything there.
      Even highend stuff which I was very impressed with.
      The chick who talked to us was pretty clued up too.
      Only started to pay attention when my work collegue picked up MSIs new X-fi powered sound card which uses the PCI-E X1 slot.
      FINALLY something usesful which utilizes it!
      The majority of the displays were aimed at businesses rather than the general public.

      Recently bought a Philips 2.5" external enclosure.
      I don't know if it's the HDD (Hitachi Travelstar SATA) or the board on the enclosure it's self but damn it's slow!!!
      It's slower than my Cheapo enlcosure with a Seagate Momentus PATA.

      Sorry to hear about your daughter and what she is still having to go through. :(

      It's times like those where I wish people were like computers.
      Just take out the faulty part and send it back to Mother Nature for RMA.
    11. Triprift
      He has posted that very thing about 2 or 3 times in my profile :p
    12. Widjaja
      Hey Craigle.
      How it going over there?
      Going to a big tech expo today.

      Can't wait to see what there is.

      Been repairing those HP self service photo stations yesterday.
      Funny how they are all encased to look pretty when in actual fact they are literally a crappy HP computer inside linked to a touch screen monitor.

      Surprises me how little the general public know about technology until you work around them.
      Some girl came up with an ancient memory card and couldn't find a slot which it would fit on the card reader, so she put it into the gap around the multi card reader LOL!

      Come across anyone who has called a desktop a hard drive or modem yet?

      Frustrating because whenyou correct them they get all up in your face.
      Like "at least I know what I was talking about" and so should you.
      You're a computer technician and deal with us.

      Oh yeah my workmate told me about a story in Harvey Norman where a woman called up saying her computer is not working.
      So he said to bring in the box so we can have a look at it.
      So she did.
      The card board box it came in.

      Anyway I'm off.
    13. grunt_408
      lol I thought of a good name for my breeders Prefix too. "Underbully"
    14. Triprift
      Damn and here i was thinking i went overboard buying the new Monkey island game :p
    15. Triprift
      Lol and you changed your avvy too dont go overboard mon :p
    16. Triprift
      That was entertaining :p
    17. Triprift
      wassup my good man
    18. Widjaja
      Makes me laugh how some people think two anti-virus is better than one, but then some don't know that you have to uninstall (usually Norton) using the removal tool before installing another anti-virus.
    19. Triprift
    20. Widjaja
      Yeah don't think I have heard of a NEO either.
      The people who owned the laptop I have now do have the cash to get a new one.
      But they will probably get something which looks newer but runs slower.
      At work we generally do the same thing.
      Hook the infected HDD to the work tower and scan, generally using about 4-5 different scanners.
      Someone who has one of those Russian Trojan Fake Alerts usually have a whole heap of spyware, malware and adware on thier computer as well.

      Come across the log on log off virus yet?
      Had a bout of that a month or so ago.
      Were mainly getting strains of virus which hijack the explorer browser atm.
      The virus infects the userinit.exe and needs to be replaced from another machine or via windows install disc.
    21. Widjaja
      Just scored a Toshiba Satellite A80 laptop for free yesterday.
      Was a job but to replace the screen.
      It was going to cost $500NZD so the customer said no.
      Toshiba replacement laptop parts are very, very expensive if old and not under warranty.
      I have come across one toshiba laptop replacement system board which was $1800+NZD.
      I should have taken a photo of the damaged screen, it looked like a picture of snowy mountains with a family of peguins walking by.
      Next thing I know it's up for parts so I looked out the back and found a similar looking older toshiba laptop and removed the screen off that one.
      Works not a problem, stuck in somemore RAM, it appears to be one of the higher end A80s for it's time.
      Clean install of windows xp and away it went, infact in runs better than other brand new laptops I've come across with all the same extras if not more just ugly but who am I to complain when it's for free.
      I don't understand why Celerons are still being produced excpet for the fact Intel is just wanting to get rid of the duds.
      Just some of my own thinking, time and labour.
    22. Triprift
    23. Widjaja
      Lol the home computer tech, the boss has an issue with these people obviously.
      But at the same time we also get some real cowboys who are absolutely useless, so they also do give us more work.

      None the less most of these people in town who do the from home computer tech thing wouldn't have the slightest idea about the latest stuff out there and usually use gigantic blobs of thermal paste believing more is better.

      In the way of virruses, which is the most common one you have come across.
      Is it htose fake trojan alerts from Russia?
      It's the main ones we get anyway.
      If you get them, take time to check the grammar, it's a laugh.
    24. Widjaja
      Yeah, been busy.
      Been upgrading the old P4 backup PC a little.
      It's amazing what hardware customers donate when they buy a new rig from us.
      They just don't know what the old hardware in thier system is worth at times.
      They generally think, just because the rig is old and doesn't work properly anymore, it 's totally had it.
      But it's not always the case, it's just that we cannot sell used hardware to people.

      How have you been?
    25. Triprift
      I just kicked ur brutes ass check the thread mon. :p
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