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    NVIDIA 1070 8GB vs 2060 Super 8GB

    Yeah from other forums and reddit, I learned that the 1070's are just not being manufactured anymore which is why the price is so inflated vs the 2060. 2060 is clearly the winner when it comes to performance, and there is just more available on the market than the 1070 which is why they are cheaper.
  2. gustaveriksson1496

    NVIDIA 1070 8GB vs 2060 Super 8GB

    Am I missing something here? It looks like the 2060 Super is less expensive than the 1070 8GB when you look at online retailers. Is the 1070 superior? Why is it more expensive?
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    AMD Radeon 6400 Benchmark for Elden Ring?

    Wondering if anyone has a benchmark for Elden Ring on high graphics settings and what FPS they have? Any other details about your build would be greatly helpful.
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    pc shuts down and restarts after minutes

    I think that might be spelling some trouble for you. With the large variation in different sizes it would seem to me that there is a higher probability of a misconfiguration issue. That being said I would agree with some of the other posts here about PSU, older parts and PSU.
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    What systems do you own? AMD or Intel (or maybe both)?

    I got to be honest with you. I bought an AMD Ryzen processor and an NVIDIA GPU. I kind of wish I had either bought an Intel processor paired with the NVIDIA GPU or just gone all in with AMD and bought the Radeon. I feel like I could have saved money by going the AMD route or gotten better...
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    NVIDIA is now publishing Linux GPU kernel modules

    Thanks for clarifying! I didn't see that, but I'll look more diligently next time before I post! Thanks for clarifying, I had no idea NVIDIA always supported Linux. I must have misread the article on NVIDIA's site, it sounded new.
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    NVIDIA is now publishing Linux GPU kernel modules

    So apparently NVIDIA is now supporting Linux operating systems. Any Linux fans that are excited about this or will you continue to use Windows?
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    Gpu questions.

    Seems like there might be some truth to this claim. Issues like driver timeouts have caused streamers' games to fail. You don't want your game failing mid-stream. It also looks like the HVEC encoder can mess up your stream when switching between games, which causes lag and stuttering. Watch the...
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    My laptop freezes during game and beeps then charger disconnects

    Try turning the graphics settings down in the game and see if that helps. If you have AMD or Radeon GPUs, you might be able to use their utilities to adjust settings as well. Sounds like a GPU/PSU problem.