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    ICQ is scaring me

    Christopher (08:12 PM) : Paris Hilton`s private archive http://4388.psadionkderunhdetionkdase.com/2/6041/ ROFL!!! is this contagious? now 5 friends are sending me that shit
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    Anyone here play WOW?

    My gnome warlock is lvl 70. affliction 41 destruction 20 ^^ *auf durotan (da wo ich spiel) gibts einen 68er schurken, der wizzard heißt*
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    ICQ is scaring me

    hi all! yesterday, i got a message from a friend: hi http://9544.otisnkaderinpoins.com/1/680/ and that was when he was offline. i clicked on it and i got something to download, i didnt download it, cause i was sceptic. later, when he was online, he told me, that hes hasnt ever sent a link...
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    Sapphire Announces Ultimate X1950 Pro

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    Cooler Master introduces new CPU cooler lineup

    where does this mars one get cool air from? imo it turns the hot air from the heatpipes just around and blows it to other components
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    Nintendo Wii to be released on the 24th of November for 219€?

    WOW, i will propably get one on my birthday, thats gonna be nice!
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    The new motherboard merry go round!

    I have the MSI K8N Neo4 F and it runs stabile (even with OC) The only bad thing is the noisy Nf4 Chipset fan, its so small and makes such a noise at boot, when the computer is turned on a whle, the noise disappears. But its OK
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    DDR Memory

    With 2x1GB sticks you can run them in Dual Channel with twice the bandwidth (128bit instead of 64bit interface), 1x2GB stick would be in Single Channel
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    Motherboard question

    For which socket? I know an older Socket A mainboard without network and graphics, but it supports only SD-RAM
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    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    Now got the Manchester 4200+ quite cheap, but its great and overclocks as well as the 3700+ :)
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    Power DVD has a feature for screenshots, you can even make pictures of your movie with the demo version
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    U Sukz

    perhaps russianboy can translate it, looks like cyrillc letters
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    ATI's X1950 Pro to cost $199

    But it doesnt make sense buying one of these cards, DX10 ist coming, so who needs sa DX9 card?
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    Heating Problem

    If you install the AC ati silencer (properly! but its easy), you can overclock your card quite a bit with stabile temps, at least 520Mhz core/ 550 mhz ram. And for unlocking, it depends on your fuses data, see here http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/vidcard and here...
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    world of warcraft or city of villains?

    Guild wars is very good, gets addicting like wow, but you also can play wow ;)