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    Google down ?

    thanks guys got back on too it,better change the password soon everyone.
  2. H82LUZ73

    Google down ?

    I am having trouble logging in to my google account this morning is it down ?
  3. H82LUZ73

    Epic Games Sued by PUBG Corp Over "Fortnite" Battle Royale Mode

    True...... but so many of you need to know Is PlayerUNkown was the guy that made ARMA3 Battle Royal/Munchie Games Aram2,H1Z1 and PUBG ,He was also the coder for all the CCG Arma2/3 Severs,He also helped Frankie and SadaPlays with all those Dayz vids.I dont blame him for this at all,
  4. H82LUZ73

    Unnanounced AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920 Rears Head on Motherboard Support Lists

    seeing those Thread Ripper un boxing videos ,Just wondering if in fact the custom etched ones in the fancy magnetic plexiglass cube ,might even be just a 1920 ? Or do they actually say 1950x on them? to me the 1920 would be a very good option and i am waiting on reviews for both motherboards...
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    GIGABYTE, GALAX, and Inno3D Announce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Cards

    Wow hardware porn ...Now for the nude stuff from Wizz.These cards look sexy as heck.
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    AMD A10-7860K 65W APU

    Jeep to a Ferrarri. What is there to compare? they are both owned by FIAT you know. Dave good to know when i do get around to building a FM2+ build,I guess it took you by surprise.This is good that we will hopefully get a great in depth Zen review.
  7. H82LUZ73

    ASUS ROG and 8350 dead. What caused it?

    try to keep the 970 Gigabyte board at stock settings. A moment of silence for the Asus board....... A moment of silence for the 8350 ..................
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    AMD A10-7860K 65W APU

    The high end AM3+ Wraith cooler is pretty awesome too,I should see if it is also made by Cooler Master like the red fan wraith APU cooler. Dave Awesome review ,AMD Fm2/ fm2+ chips i am looking at to upgrade my dads system,He only uses it for solitaire and Internet stuff,would save him some money...
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    Hitman Episode Two Update Breaks DirectX 12 Support

    I can confirm this is broken ,just tried it in DX12 like an hour ago.And this update was supposed to have Win8.1 DX11 and Win 10 DX12 fixes,I guess they really did not test it at all.Shame too i upgraded to 10 to play this now i cant,right back to when i installed the game on 8.1 :(
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    Download Windows 10 ESD

    was my silly AVG Anti Virus and i had a capitol F for folder ,works now thanks guys.
  11. H82LUZ73

    Download Windows 10 ESD

    Thanks Drone for the info,I will just wait for the new ISO file I guess.The other you posted .218 worked good to upgrade my 8.1 install.
  12. H82LUZ73

    Download Windows 10 ESD

    I am getting Error code 3 trying to install this?I have no idea why ,Also is this for updating the ISO or my main win install itself,Windows updates don't see it at all.
  13. H82LUZ73

    AMD Radeon Wallpaper mania! UPDATED!

    yeah good to know ,I added some other images to it.Glad it works for you.
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    OFFICIAL Doom (Discussion)

    Well guys i just played 15 mins got 2 kills and lost 75-55 lol Where do these guys get time to play this in 24hours....Omg Great graphics but feels like it is lacking that evil true Doom feel.It is like Doom meets Quake.
  15. H82LUZ73

    OFFICIAL Doom (Discussion)

    Title says it all ,Goes until April 17,Also 10 gigs download,this is the new Doom. http://store.steampowered.com/app/350470/