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    Pink Floyd Animals Computer

    As other's have stated, absolutely amazing:toast: One of my favorite bands of all time!
  2. HammerON

    I finally have an excuse to own Ryzen.

    Thanks for joining our crunching team!!! :toast:
  3. HammerON

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    So I have switched to only OpenZika as our points as a team have dropped off dramatically. Hopefully it will help a little.
  4. HammerON

    Should I need to replace thermal paste and pads on a used motherboard?

    I would be tempted to; however, as @Jetster stated above is a good start. If all looks good, then no.
  5. HammerON

    AMD Radeon VII Retested With Latest Drivers

    Warning and reply bans issued. No more personal attacks. Play nice or move along.
  6. HammerON

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I noticed my numbers started going down last week and I thought I was having issues with my computers. Then I remembered that I had enabled all projects (except for FightAIDS@Home as I have had problems with errors in the past with that one). Oh well.
  7. HammerON

    Some people accuse TPU of 'bias' towards Nvidia.

    I remember back around when I first joined this forum those saying that W1zzard was biased against NVidia!
  8. HammerON

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    That is strange. I hope all is well with him...
  9. HammerON

    I made a Bargain Box!

    Looks like a nice ITX build. I would caution you about the motherboard as I looked at Newegg and Amazon reviews and they were not great. Both site reviews I looked at had just as many 1 stars (eggs) as there were 5 stars (eggs). Just my two cents...
  10. HammerON

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on Radeon VII: "Underwhelming (...) the Performance is Lousy"; "Freesync Doesn't Work"

    Alright @Vayra86 and @Anymal - enough already. Take it to PM if you want to continue bickering.
  11. HammerON

    I am stuck trying to figure this one out, please help

    Thread cleansed of some useless bickering. Carry on please.
  12. HammerON

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I will have to check and get back with you... EDIT: @hat looks like 3.4 GHz on all cores. I might have to overclock it a bit. My current temps are 59 C and lower.
  13. HammerON

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Here ya go @phill 7980XE stock, OS Ubuntu 18.04, 24/7 RAC = 50,774 per stats.free-dc Xeon 2683 v3 stock, OS Ubuntu 16.04, 24/7 RAC = 25,285 per stats.free-dc
  14. HammerON

    Samsung Unveils The Future of Displays with Groundbreaking Modular Micro LED Technology at CES

    I would hope he does not and encourage you not to ask any further. Take it to PM.
  15. HammerON

    7980xe Delid

    You have peaked my interest... Not sure if I can muster the courage:) Nicely done and thanks for the step-by-step description and pics:toast::respect: